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Here Comes the 22nd Bi-ennial Maestas Family Reunion

Facebook may be supplanting this website for disseminating information about the Maestas Family, but this is the place for all those who have resisted using social media to get some news about the Family. Oh, you haven't seen anything about you or your family on the website? How could that be? Simple answer: YOU DIDN'T TELL THE WEBMASTER ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY!

The reunion will be held July 6, 7, 8, and 9; it MAY be at the Los Alamitos site. The reports I have from the Mora area are that there has been quite enough precipitation to preclude any kind of fire bans, except the Mora County website has a notice from the Fire Marshall, stating that there IS a fire ban in the entire county. We MAY have to hold the reunion down in the valley this year, probably at the same site we used the last time this happened.

Several members of the extended family were in Mora for the Memorial Day weekend. Among other tasks, we checked out the road from the highway to the campsite and found that it was in surprisingly good shape. There are some potholes that need to be filled and the snowmelt has the stream swollen and running over its banks, across the road by the culvert where some other work may need to be done. We will also be checking on the supplies and equipment stored in Mora.

We will need VOLUNTEERS, possibly the Monday or Tuesday preceeding the reunion to work on the road, and certainly on Wednesday to get the campsite set up. We'll need to set up the kitchen tent and the shelters and then get the cooking gear and other equipment (and WATER) up to the site. There is a LOT of downed wood in the area, so we won't be running short of wood for the campfire (if we are able to have one). Someone will have to volunteer to stay up there Wednesday night to keep an eye on everything.

Sunday morning is NOT quite the end of the reunion. All the equipment that was taken UP to the site needs to be packed up and taken DOWN from the campsite, and then most of that equipment needs to be CLEANED! That chore usually takes the rest of Sunday afternoon and part of Monday. So we need to have some of you commit to being there (Tio Nano's and Tia Addie's house) to help out, not just this year but after EVERY reunion. We have a group of people experienced in the tasks that need to be done but they are all getting older. (Aren't we all!) We need some younger people to take on the job and begin learning the ropes. Volunteering both before and after the reunion is how that is done. This is already the second generation of VOLUNTEERS and leaders who have taken up these tasks and it is about time for a third generation to come forward.

We've been doing these reunions since 1975—it has become a tradition and a good one! If all of you want to continue meeting with extended family and having a GREAT time for a couple of days, some of you will have to step up and take on the responsibility. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


I have been asked by several people to put a reminder here concerning the reunion fees. Yes, the fees remain as they were for the last reunion, but there seems to be a sense that some people view the fees as payment for meals. That is not quite true, folks! True, the fees DO go to pay for food but they also are used for so much more. There are a lot of other expenses that are coming out of the fees that are necessary just to put on the reunion:

  • Propane
  • Water
  • Port-a-pots (a large expense)
  • Chair rental
  • Oldest and youngest gifts
  • Cakes - anniversaries, graduations, etc

So when you only eat one meal at the reunion and think it's a very expensive meal, look around you and check out all the other things being provided out of your fees.

Getting to the Reunion

For the last reunion there were some people who needed directions to get to the campsite for the reunion and we didn't have anything ready, so we sent out written directions that could have been more helpful. Now we have aerial images of the roads from Holman to Tres Ritos, all the way in to the campsite. Click on this link to get to the page with the images.