The 2007 Reunion

Pictures from the Reunion

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You will see that not everyone in these pictures is identified. I apologize but I don't claim to know every face in the family, especially the younger generations. I have sent the pictures to various people in the family for help with identification, but I haven't gotten anything back yet. I think 6 months is long enough to wait after the reunion, so I'm going ahead and posting these pictures without complete identification. If you can help, please send an e-mail to the

Seraida's family:
In front: oldest - isabella, juliana, elena
Front row: Valerie Nance, Jessie Humphrey, Julie Olsen, youngest (in front of Julie), Robin Valdez, Keith Royal
Back Row: Jack Humphrey, Tim Valdez, middle, Kenny Valdez
Moises' family:
In front: Crescencia Jaramillo, with Abigail Jaramillo(Erica & Paul's baby)
Front row: Stephan Jaramillo, Melanie Jaramillo, Paul Jaramillo, Dan Jaramillo, Erica Jaramillo, Paul Jaramillo II, James Maestas, Cindy
The Zamora family:
Front row: Betty Plucheck, Eva Duran, Marie Duran, Lillian Sanchez
Back Row: Wayne Plucheck, Ron Baca, Jonathon Carver, Anthony Kirk
Joe's family:
Front row: Andres Maestas, Matt Maestas, Joan Maestas, Antonio Maestas, Dick Taylor, Christine Taylor, Yvonne Zepeda, Stella Vasquez, Samantha Zepeda
Second row: Kenny Maestas, Marissa Herrera, Jesse Herrera (behind Marissa), Joaquin Manuel-Maestas, Joaquin Manuel-Maestas, Jr., Lorinda Manuel-Maestas, Mariah Maestas, Annette Maestas, Tom Land, Jr., Sam Vasquez, Luiz Zepeda, Tom Land (Hidden behind Luiz), Darryl Brillhart
Top Row: Anissa Herrera, Darrin Herrera, Adryanna Maestas, Jacqueline Maestas, Lucia Manuel-Maestas, Ben (Tom Land's nephew), Kaylyn Maestas, Andrea Maestas, Pablo Maestas, Paul Maestas
Matt's family:
In Front: kid, little kid, lounging kid, 2 more kids, kneeling kid
First row: Robert Valdez, Matt Maestas, Joan Maestas, Ignacio (Nanito) Maestas, Cleo Valdez, Filimon Maestas, Delma Maestas holding Alison Valdez, kid in yellow, tall kid, Elsie Valdez, Joshua Olguin, Elijah Trujillo
Second row: Rhonda Valdez, Michael Valdez, Barbara Rose, Andy Maestas (in front of Barbara and Marilyn), Marilyn Maestas, Randy Rose (behind Marilyn), Victor Maestas, boy, girl, RaeAnn Maestas holding son Malachi Maestas, Debbie Hill (Mike's sister), Pam Hill, Mike Hill, Anna Saiz, woman, Richard Valdez, Louie Valdez, Anthony Olguin (behind Elsie), Catherine Olguin, Janele Santistevan, ???girl
Third Row: (starting way over behind Pam Hill) - girl behind Pam, man behind Mike, Larry Maestas, 3 people behind Richard Valdez - partial faces only, a girl's(?) face behind Louie and Anthony, boy to left and behind Anthony, Rosalie Valdez, Jerry Valdez, girl behind Janele and in front of Jerry, 3 young men (one hidden behind) and 2 girls in front of them
Top Row: 4 teenagers(?) with a boy in the middle
Matt's family, seating #2
Front row: Matt Maestas, Joan Maestas, Ignacio (Nanito) Maestas, Cleo Valdez, Filimon Maestas, Delma Maestas Back Row: Larry Maestas, Pam Hill, Andy Maestas
Ignacio's family:
Front row: Bianca Esposito (holding Bergen), Derian Craig, Hannah Kuchen, Fabiola Esposito, Adelita Craig, Lulu Valdez, Fidel Valdez, Mina Valdez holding Remy Montgomery
Second row: Antonio Esposito, Carlos Craig, Elizabeth Valdez, Lydia Sckalor, Sara Esposito, Dan Craig, Zack Montgomery, Bob Hutson, Wilma Hutson, Cole Kuchen, Mike Esposito
Top Row: Brian Viduya, David Bordett, Rosalie Bordett, Jordan Craig, Rashaan Craig, Harvey Bordett
Cleo's Family
Front row: Jerry Valdez, Michael Valdez, Cleo Valdez, woman holding child, Richard Valdez holding child, Louie Valdez
Second row: Rosalie Valdez, Rhonda Valdez, girl child, boy child, Catherine Olguin, Anthony Olguin, young woman, young man, Elsie Valdez, boy
Third row: Robert Valdez, Janele Santistevan, girl behind Janele and in front of Jerry in other picture, girl next to one behind Janele in other picture, boy in top row on far right in other picture
Samantha Zepeda
Youngest person at the reunion, daughter of Yvonne (Vasquez) and Luiz Zepeda, daughter of Sam (and Corrine) Vasquez.
THE Cake! This is the seventeenth (official) reunion cake, but we've also had a lot of other cakes along the way. Do you realize the first reunion was 32 years ago? (1975)

There was a lot of discussion at the family meeting about the shelters we were using (probably because we made a LOT of use of those shelters due to all the rain!). Below are a couple of pictures of the cabin that has been on the property for many years. Obviously, that cabin is not going to work very well for us in the future, so we need to consider NOW what should be done. The Espositos bought a 10 foot by 20 foot shelter, with sides and ends that can be dropped down or rolled up out of the way. It even has vents in the roof. It only needs to be tied down if wind threatens. This shelter was erected right next to the other shelter we have been renting for many years (see the pictures below). This (older) shelter is approximately 20 foot by 20 foot and requires 8 outside poles and 1 center pole. It does NOT have any sides--it's completely open to the weather, good, bad, or indifferent. This shelter MUST be tied down with guy ropes (which are a tripping hazard, unfortunately). Matt has been getting this shelter for $175 every 2 years. The rectangular 10' x 20' shelter cost $168 (pre-tax) at Costco.

The discussion went back and forth, looking at the pros and cons of buying as opposed to renting: if we buy a shelter, we have to store it between reunions; if we rent it, it costs as much as buying a new shelter every 2 years. The motion was finally passed directing several people to be a committee to make a recommendation on what to do. (Click here to read the discussion in the newsletter.)

After the newsletter came out, Joe Maestas offered to donate a 40 foot by 40 foot tarp for use as a shelter. We have requested more information from Joe about the tarp (is it already set up for use as a shelter? how big is it? how heavy...) but we haven't received Joe's response yet.

The next paragraphs describe my idea about supporting a 40 foot square canopy. Trigonometry is involved. If you're not interested, just skip this part.

I tried to conceive of a way to support a canopy as large as 40 feet on a side and I've come up with one possibility. Here are 2 diagrams for the concept. The first shows half the canopy, looking at it from the side. (The other half, of course, would be the reverse of this, so why bother showing it?) It has a center pole, an outside pole, and an intermediate pole halfway between the others. The second drawing is looking down from above the canopy. The red circles represent the absolute minimum number of poles needed: the center and 4 corners. The magenta circles (okay, you can call them pink!) represent poles around the sides, 10 feet apart. On a diagram like this, it doesn't really look like these poles are needed, but think about how much sagging there would be without them. Remember, these are spaced 10 feet apart!

An off-the-cuff estimate tells me we would need at least 17 poles (1 at each corner, 1 center, 1 every 10 feet on all four sides (that's 3 on each side) for 12 more). I'm guess-timating but I think we would also need another 8 intermediate-length poles half-way in from each side, to keep the sagging to a minimum. That's a total of 25 poles.

Now, the distance from each corner to the center pole is about 28 feet (here's the trigonometry part), and from the middle of each side is 20 feet. That much distance requires more support so the blue circles represent poles about 14 feet in from the corners (half of the diagonal distance from corner to center) and the green circles represent poles 10 feet (half the distance from side to center) in from the middle of each side.

The diagram above would use 16 poles 6½ feet tall, 8 poles 9½ feet tall (the ones in the middle), and 1 pole 12½ feet tall. This would also require 16 guy ropes and stakes. The poles would be placed according to the next diagram.

Think about the possibilities and let me know if you have other ideas. Has anyone already done something like this? Here's your chance to give the family the benefit of your experience.

Paul Maestas was cutting branches off the tree that fell on the roof of the shed. The two ends, the parts hanging over the front and back of the shed, had already been cut off.
Some of the kids (including Darryl) were pressed into service to gather up the pieces of the tree.
Nobody really wanted to try cutting the tree into logs, because the shed roof wasn't all that strong or steady anymore (as if it was all that strong before the tree came down on it). We didn't need the wood anyway.
A view of the 10' x 20' shelter that was discussed at the family meeting. The sides and ends all can be rolled up if necessary. See the October Newsletter for details.
A view of the inside of the shelter, with the sides and ends rolled down. We didn't want the rain to interfere with the dish washers. Maybe we had the rain BECAUSE they were actually washing dishes!
Here's a view of the 2 shelters. The green and white shelter is approximately 20 feet by 20 feet square. (To get an idea of the size of the tarp Joe has offered, imagine 4 of these shelters all together!) The center pole is around 15 feet high and the 8 outer poles (1 at each corner, 1 in the middle of each side) are about 6 or 6½ feet tall. Even if you tighten up on the guy ropes, you can't get the top to stop sagging.
Another shot of both shelters.