Genealogical Research Resources

Google 'genealogy' and the first 3 listings are for also figures large in such search results. But both of these sites (and many others) require a paid subscription in order to access all but very basic information. Many of the indexes that you might want to look at are rather expensive through one of these subscription sites.

But the pre-eminent source for all genealogical research still has to be the archives of the Mormon (LDS) Church. Their research site is run under contract, apparently, using the name ´Family Search´, which is the business name for The Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU). Much of the information available is free, and other items are available for relatively small cost. For instance, the 1880 U.S. Census and National Index can be ordered for only $10. Their site has at least 1 page devoted to basic instruction in how to get started plus a LOT of other information and links to other genealogy sites.

Of particular interest to most of this family is the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America (GSHA). This organization is headquartered in Denver, apparently, with its home page listing addresses in both Denver and Pueblo. There are also chapters in Pueblo, Trinidad, and Burbank, CA. The web site for Pueblo's Fray Angélico Chávez Chapter includes an extensive list of resources, including genealogical interest groups, genealogy societies, libraries with genealogy research materials, etc. Based on website content alone, the Southern California chapter is the most active and has the most information, with the Pueblo chapter running second in content. A Google search didn't turn up anything for the Trinidad chapter.

The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico has a "Pedigree Database" containing nearly 100,000 names of individuals. Only basic information is shown. Apparently, members have a process by which they can load information into this database. Nobody from the extended Maestas family is in there, except for Ignacio's descendants--we are included because a cousin of Fabiola on her mother's side has added the information.

Membership is $20/year (July to June) for individuals. Meetings are held every month in Albuquerque. Membership benefits include the monthly newsletter "Noticias" and the quarterly journal "Herencia". There is also a page of links to other genealogical sites, although the list very much needs to be updated. They DO have a complete index of ALL articles that have appeared in their journal since its inception in 1993, and copies of all publications seem to be still available ($6.00 + postage each journal issue).

The Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy has a very extensive collection of research materials specific to Hispanic geneaolgy in the American Southwest and Spain, Mexico and other Latin America areas, and even the Caribbean and the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, you must do your research at their library in Denver.

Membership is $20/year for an individual and runs from January to December. Benefits include the quarterly journal "Colorado Hispanic Genealogist" and access to the research library (which seems to be restricted to members only--don't quote me on that).

"The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is a society of volunteers. We combine our time and efforts to provide networking opportunities for family historians." (From the NMGS website)

Membership is $20/year (January to December) for anyone. With your membership, you receive the quarterly journal "New Mexico Genealogist" and free shipping on all book orders. On the expensive side but probably well worth the cost, you can order a compilation of the first 40 years of the journal "The New Mexico Genealogist: The First Forty Years" on CD for $55.00. As an example of the journal content, the September 2007 issue of the journal contains (partial listing):
  • Morada Membership Lists
  • New Mexico Gold Star Mothers of WWI
  • 1860 Federal Census, Territorial Copy
  • Springer Burials 1918-1928
  • The Family of Cayetano Torres
  • Library Notes: Hispanic Pioneers in Colorado and New Mexico
  • and much more...

Many other sites and organizations are available. Each of the sites listed here has a page with links to other resources, which frequently have links to still other sites.

In addition, there is Family Group Sheet available in which you can record basic information about each person in a family. Each sheet is intended for use with a single married couple, where each of their children can be recorded. For each child who is married, another sheet can be used, and so on. Sheets can be linked via a specific number for each sheet and a blank on the referencing sheet where that number can be recorded. The form is in Adobe Acrobat format for ease of use. (If you don't have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy of the latest version here). The Family Group Sheet can be downloaded here. Make as many copies as you need and please mail them to the Webmaster. If you don't have my address, please send an requesting it. Or, if you have a scanner, you can scan the pages and send them via much easier for both of us!

I am still working on the program that will present the family tree (in some fashion) on these pages. The instructions for installing the program are not the clearest in the world. (Note: After 30 years' experience, I can categorically state that programmers, who sometimes write the most marvelous program code, are REALLY a terrible group (in general) when it comes to writing instructions for using those programs.)

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