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Maestas Family of Northern New Mexico - Family Page Home

Family Pages

Here you will find the family address book (when it's completed), the family tree (when it's completed), and some resources for studying genealogy.

This page is supposed to be the place to go to find out about your family, to learn family history from the family tree application or to locate a family member via the address book, or just to look up a family member's birthdate. Due to the growing threat of identity theft, this kind of information is exactly what should NOT be available to the general public.

Before these applications can be made available here, there must be some kind of security put in place. This means some kind of userid/password checking, with each membership application being vetted before granting access to the site. I am currently learning how to create such a security system and it isn't easy. I don't have co-workers I can consult with to learn how to accomplish this objective, and my training has never included this type of programming. Any of you who read this and have knowledge of how to set up a security system, please feel free to contact me. I need all the help I can get.


Mike Esposito


The family birthday calendar only has about 450 listings in it at present, and some of those are incorrect. As you look through it, note any problems or omissions, then click here for a form you can submit with your corrections.

As in the original, printed calendars, each person's listing is followed by a letter which indicates the family that person belongs to. Here is the key to understanding those letter indicators:

Letter Indicator Family
A Abenicio
D Demetria
E Medina
I Ignacio
J Jose
M Moises
O Matias
S Seraida
X Roberto
Z Zamora

I changed the calendar presentation around a little since it first appeared here. First, it now appears on a page I have some control over—IF you have a browser that is new enough. There are still some old browser versions that will not handle the kind of frame I'm using for the calendar. All I can tell you, if you have one of those old browsers, is that you SHOULD upgrade. There were a LOT of security holes (like Swiss cheese!) in the older browsers; some of the problems have been fixed in the new browsers (not all, unfortunately). Even so, your computer WILL be safer if you upgrade to a new browser. I'll add my standard pitch here for you to get a browser that is a descendant of Netscape Navigator. If you want more information on WHY I'm recommending that, or HOW to do it, just send me an e-mail; I'm always happy to help someone (because I usually learn something new in the process).

I also was able to get rid of the pesky little pop-up boxes that appeared when the cursor moved over a name. There was nothing useful about these boxes; I found them to be a great distraction. In the process of removing the pop-ups, I also removed some functions that had been there before. There are only about 450 names in the calendar, but that was more than the program could handle when it tried to display the yearly calendar. It was trying to retrieve ALL of the names and place them on the calendar for the entire year, so it started having time-out problems and never could display the entire year. So I had to limit the use of that function and a couple of others. I hope you will still find some use in it, though I am looking for another program that is designed for a birthday calendar. When I find something better, I'll likely put it here.

There are a couple of ways to get around in the calendar. Each of the small month displays has an active month name—that is, click on the name of one of the small month displays to change the main display to that month. This will be kind of tedious when you want to move several months at a time, so I also set up the controls on the right side so you can put in the month and year (you have to put BOTH in) and click the CHANGE button and the calendar will jump to the requested month/year. Years are limited to the 2006-2010 range. Note also that you can print the calendar by clicking on the "[Printer friendly]" link in the lower left corner. Click on that and you will get a full-page display of the monthlycalendar which prints WITHOUT the gray background (so you won't be using up that much ink).

For now, you can use this link to the calendar page or you can use the sliding menu bar.

Thank you,