Adelita somehow misplaced a box containing some personal items. There was a container of Almond Milk, a container of trail mix, a clear plastic rain coat, a sugar dispenser, and a can opener. The sugar dispenser has sentimental value, and the milk will probably be spoiled pretty quick! If you found any of this, please call Adelita at (505) 445-0388, or send an e-mail to right away.

We also found a blue umbrella (boy, wasn't THAT useful!) and a green jacket that were left at the site.

And we STILL have a pressure cooker (missing one handle) from the last reunion, 2 years ago.

We expect to have a post-reunion newsletter ready for the first week of August. PLEASE send us your comments, critiques, suggestions, pictures (we can scan pictures if you send printed ones), etc. ASAP. Tell us about what has been happening SINCE the reunion--who has graduated, who is getting married, who is having babies, or whatever else you want to share with the family. I hope to keep the home page updated at least once each month with new information, but YOU have to tell me what to put there. My wife always wants me to read her mind; I haven't learned how to do that in more than 30 years with her--I'm not going to try learning it for everyone else in the family.

To get the newsletter out on time, I need time to assemble everything. Please send anything you have by July 30.

Fabiola & Mike