This newsletter was just discovered (2007/05/22) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable. The newsletter is undated but appears to be a report on the 1977 reunion.

Maestas Family Holds Second Reunion

c. August, 1977

The families of the late Cirilio and Cresencia Maestas of Holman, New Mexico, met recently in a reunion for a three day encampment at Los Alamitos near Tres Ritos, New Mexico.

Attending the reunion were Mr. & Mrs. Jose Maestas of Holman, N.M., Mr. Matias Maestas Sr. of Barstow, California, Mr. & Mrs. Ignacio Maestas of Mora, N.M., Mrs. Moises Maestas of Holman, N.M. and their families.

Unable to attend were Mr. & Mrs. Abenicio Maestas and family, Mrs. Seraida M. Sanchez and family and Mrs. Martha M. Elvira, all of Barstow, California, also the family of the late Mrs. Demetria M. Espinar of Redwood City, California.

Over one hundred and fifty relatives came from California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Honored as the oldest member of the family was Jose Maestas of Holman, New Mexico born Fegruary 26th, 1893 and the youngest was Melvin Maestas born February 26th, 1977, son of Mr. & Mrs. Moises Maestas, Jr. of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wonderful weather andawonderful get-together was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Miss Rosalie Branch and Mr. & Mrs. Barney Cruz, of Mora, New Mexico, for allowing the use of their cabin and lots.

Suggestions will be highly appreciated at any time.

Special Announcements will be made Saturday evening.

If you know of anyone that has not received a Reunion reminder please let them know or let us know so that we may send them a copy and include them on the mailing list. The enclosed card is for you to let us know if you are coming (or planning to) and approximately how many of you are coming. We would also appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions you might have. If you are unable to attend, please share with the family attending a little bit about you and yours.


			     Singles or couples with baby     $10.00
			     Family     $25.00

Checks may be made to MAESTAS FAMILY REUNION FUND.

The Maestas Family Reunion Fund had $801.69 before the reunion. Expenses were $648.76; all bills are received and recorded. With interest, the balance in the Golden Pass Book was $177.93.


  1. Jose D. Maestas
  2. Clodovea Maestas
  3. Delfinio Vasquez
  4. Stella Vasquez
  5. Ruben Fernandez
  6. Josephine Fernandez
  7. Jerry Davis
  8. Lorraine Davis
  9. Jody Davis
  10. Jeff Davis
  11. Gary Alvarez
  12. Barbara Alvarez
  13. Scott Alvarez
  14. Sheryl Alvarez
  15. Christine Barrow
  16. Carole Clair
  17. Matias Maestas Jr.
  18. Joan Maestas
  19. Randy Maestas
  20. Andy Maestas
  21. Lorinda Maestas
  22. Vangie Maestas
  23. Herbert Maestas
  24. Paul Maestas
  25. Annette Maestas
  26. Rickie Maestas
  27. Joe Manuel
  28. Christella Manuel
  29. Joaquin Manuel
  30. Daryl Brillhart
  31. Matias Maestas Sr.
  32. David Maestas
  33. Sally Maestas
  34. George Maestas
  35. Matt Maestas III
  36. Jeff Maestas
  37. Laura Maestas
  38. Carlos Maestas
  39. Lucille Maestas
  40. Dornella Maestas
  41. Pamela Maestas
  42. Larry Maestas
  43. Andy Maestas
  44. Kevin Maestas
  45. Lionor Maestas
  46. Preddy Maestas
  47. Diane Maestas
  48. Frank Maestas
  49. Anna Maestas
  50. Yolanda Maestas
  51. Barbara Maestas
  1. Filimon Maestas
  2. Delma Maestas
  3. Robert Maestas
  4. Max Maestas
  5. Fermin Maestas
  6. Mabel Maestas
  7. Angela Maestas
  8. Jimmie Maestas
  9. Paul Maestas
  10. DarIa Maestas
  11. Demetrio Maestas
  12. Mary Maestas
  13. Roselyn Maestas
  14. Timothy Maestas
  15. Ignacio Maestas Jr.
  16. Theresa Maestas
  17. Anthony Maestas
  18. Phillip Maestas
  19. Cleo M. Valdez
  20. Louie Valdez
  21. Elsie Valdez
  22. Robert Valdez
  23. Kathie Valdez
  24. Richard Valdez
  25. Kristie Valdez
  26. Michael Valdez
  27. Robert Trujillo
  28. Mary Trujillo
  29. John Trujillo
  30. Jean Trujillo
  31. Jerry Valdez
  32. Florinda Maestas
  33. Dan Jaramillo
  34. Chenchi ta Jaramillo
  35. Belinda Jaramillo
  36. Paul Jaramillo
  37. Moises Maestas Jr.
  38. Susie Maestas
  39. Jimmie Maestas
  40. Melvin Maestas (2-26-77)
  41. Sammy Chavez
  42. Martha Chavez
  43. Earl Chavez
  44. Sammy Chavez, Jr.
  45. Joyce Chavez
  46. Connie Chavez
  47. Freddie Chavez
  48. Benjie Sanchez
  49. Debbie Sanchez
  50. Rita Sanchez
  51. Benjie Sanchez, Jr.
  1. Deborah Sanchez
  2. Juanito Medina, Jr.
  3. Viola Medina
  4. Ida Medina
  5. Eugene Medina
  6. Ignacio Maestas
  7. Addie B. Maestas
  8. Fidel Valdez
  9. Lulu Valdez
  10. Arabella Valdez
  11. Mina Valdez
  12. Carlos Craig
  13. Adelita Craig
  14. Danny D. Craig
  15. Robert R. Craig
  16. Darren D. Craig
  17. Mike Esposito
  18. Fabiola Esposito
  19. Rosalie Branch
  20. Larry Drapper
  21. Felix Maes
  22. Rita Maes
  23. Nancy Maes
  24. Esther Arriaga
  25. Rosalie Romero
  26. David Garcia
  27. Billy Joe Hernandez
  28. Betty Hernandez
  29. Michael Hernandez
  30. Billy Joe Hernandez, Jr.
  31. Christopher Hernandez
  32. Arturo Hernandez
  33. Adelina Hernandez
  34. Reynold Hernandez
  35. Joe Hernandez
  36. Harold Hernandez
  37. Barbara Hernandez
  38. Dennis Hernandez
  39. Mary Hernandez
  40. Dennis Hernandez, Jr.
  41. Cindy Chavez
  42. Wayne Hancock
  43. Leroy Gurule
  44. Michael Serna
  45. Martin Serna
  46. Julian Olivas
  47. Stella Olivas
  48. Fabian Olivas
  49. Louis Branch
  50. Joseph Perea
  51. Jr. Perea
  52. Tony Perea

Third Maestas Family Reunion         1979

To be held during the middle of the month of July at Los Alamitos.

Planning Committee:
Carlos Maestas
Christine Barrow
Matt Maestas Jr.
Chenchita Jaramillo
Richard Valdez
Lionor Maestas
Filimon Maestas
Adelita Craig
Moises Maestas Jr.
Menu Committee:
Christine Barrow
Sally Maestas
Adelita Maestas
Lucille Maestas
Joan Maestas
Mabel Maestas
Sleeping Arrangements:
Moises Maestas Jr.     (if you need bags, tents, etc.,
Ignacio Maestas         let them know.)
K. P. Cleaning Assignment:
Fabiola Esposito
Martha Chavez

Notices will be sent out during October 1978 as well as with Christmas Cards.

There will be NO pop provided—Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, orange, etc.

Beer will be brought by individuals, not by the family.

No bringing of extra food other than junk food.

The food for the first night will be pre-cooked by those in the valley.

Special announcements will be made on Saturday evening.

Prices: Singles or Couples   $10.00 Couple with small baby
  Families       $25.00 $10.00
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