This newsletter was just discovered (2007/05/22) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable. Editorial comments were added for clarification and are shown in brackets ([...]). The newsletter is undated; from the content, it was written and sent out sometime after the 1977 reunion.


July 13, 14, 15, 1979

Los Alamitos, New Mexico

Approximate date: December, 1977

Planning Committee:

Carlos Maestas
Matt Maestas, Jr.
Richard Valdez (Colo.)
Filimon Maestas (N. Calif.)
Moises Maestas (NM)
Christine Barrow
Chencha Jaramillo
Lionor Maestas (Barstow)
Adelita Craig

Menu Committee:

Christine Barrow (Calif.)
Adelita Craig
Joan Maestas (NM)
Sally Maestas
Lucille Maestas
Mabel Maestas

Sleeping Arrangements:

Moises Maestas, Jr.
(If you need bags, tents, etc.)
Ignacio Maestas

K.P. Cleaning Assigners:

Martha Chavez Fabiola Esposito

Activity Committee:

David Maestas, Jr. (Calif.)
Anna Maestas
Earl Chavez
Larry Maestas
Randy Maestas (NM)
Christy Maestas

Notices will be sent out during October 1978 as well as with Christmas cards.

There will be no "POP" (coke, etc.)

Beer will be brought by individuals.

No extra food, other than "junk food".

Meal for first evening will be cooked by those in the valley.

Suggestions will be highly appreciated at any time.

Special Announcements will be made Saturday evening.

If you know of anyone that has not received a Reunion reminder please let them know or let us know so that we may send them a copy and include them on the mailing list. The enclosed card is for you to let us know if you are coming (or planning to) and approximately how many of you are coming. We would also appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions you might have. If you are unable to attend, please share with the family attending a little bit about you and yours.


			     Singles or couples with baby     $10.00
			     Family     $25.00

Checks may be made to MAESTAS FAMILY REUNION FUND.

The Maestas Family Reunion Fund had $801.69 before the reunion. Expenses were $648.76; all bills are received and recorded. With interest, the balance in the Golden Pass Book was $177.93.

Editor's Note: The original newsletter (as I received it) included a press release about the 1979 reunion, written by Larry Maestas. It can be seen here.

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