This newsletter was just discovered (2007/05/22) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable. Editorial comments were added for clarification and are shown in brackets ([...]). The newsletter is undated; from the content, it was meant to be sent out near the end of 1981.



The families of the late Cirilio and Cresencia Maestas of Holman, New Mexico met in mid-July at Los Alamitos, New Mexico for their fourth bi-ennial reunion.

Families of Jose D. Maestas, the oldest of the family, were well represented, except for one son, C.D., who resides in Maryland. However, all of C.D.'s family did attend.

The youngest child attending was Jose's great granddaughter, Jennifer Schreiner, daughter of Chris and Margie, of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Four members of the family of the late Demetria M. Espinar came from California.

Seraida M. Sanchez and all her family were unable to attend.

Martha M. Elvira was unable to attend due to surgery.

Four families of the late Matias Maestas, Sr. were well represented. Three were unable to attend.

Three families of the late Moises Maestas, including Florinda Maestas were in attendance.

The family of Ignacio Maestas was all present except for two grand-children who had recently joined the Army.

Over one hundred and thirty relatives coming from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Oklahoma were hosted by the New Mexicans.

Much of our reunion time is spent in visiting. The work is shared by all. Games are enjoyed by both participants and viewers!

Saturday afternoon Vangie Maestas and her family gave Fabiola (Maestas) Esposito a surprise baby shower. Frankie Maestas supervised arrangements of the beautiful table of fruits, vegetables, cake and punch. Joan Maestas planned the shower games. Fabiola and Mike want to thank everyone for their gifts and good wishes.

Total expenses for the 1981 reunion were $466.30. Balance in the Maestas Reunion Fund Golden Pass Book is $284.24. This includes [pre-]payments for two families for the 1983 reunion.

Since I'm so late in sending our newsletter out I will add that ANTONIO GUISEPPE ESPOSITO was born September 15, 1981 at 12:12 a.m. at Tulsa, Oklahoma. He weighed seven pounds three ounces and was twenty inches long.


			     Family     $27.00
			     Couples     $12.00
			     Couple with small child     $12.00
			     Singles     $12.00

After our picture taking, plans were discussed for the 1983 reunion. The possibility of building a more permanent structure for the cooking area was suggested. Since then, a suggestion has been made to purchase a portable field kitchen tent (army surplus). We would appreciate your letting us know your thoughts or any other suggestions you might have.

S E E  Y O U  I N  1 9 8 3 !

Maestas Reunion
Fifth Reunion--July 15,16 and 17, 1983

To be held at the same location, Los Alamitos, New Mexico -- in agreement with the majority.

Planning Committee:

Matias Maestas Adelita Craig Sammy Chavez Vangie Maestas

Menu Committee:

Joan Maestas Stella Vasquez Dolly Maestas Adelita Craig

Sleeping Arrangements:

Carlos Craig Ignacio Maestas Randy Maestas Ricky Maestas


All teen-agers with adult supervision

Notices to be sent out December, 1982.

Cokes and beer will be bought by individuals

Food for the first evening will be provided by the families in the valley.

Picture taking, announcements and planning for the next reunion will be done on Saturday afternoon.

Editor's Note: The original newsletter had appended here a one-page mailing list of families receiving the newsletter. Since so many addresses have changed since 1981, the list is not re-produced here.

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