This newsletter was just discovered (2007/05/22) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable. Editorial comments were added for clarification and are shown in brackets ([...]). The newsletter is dated for July, 1985 but, from the content, is obviously intended to be circulated prior to Christmas, 1984.

July 12 - 13 - 14, 1985


I'm sorry I never sent a newsletter on our 1983 reunion. In August [of 1983], Nanita [my aunt, Rosalie Branch] was quite ill (she had surgery in May, 1984 and is doing very well), then in September Daddy [Ignacio Maestas] got sick (had surgery in October) so our lives were quite complicated!

Our 1983 reunion was just as successful as the previous ones.

There was a total of 157 people in attendance.

Our oldest member was Uncle Joe [Jose Maestas] and the youngest was Tobias Ignacio Montgomery (Mina's son - Lulu and Fidel's grandson - Nano and Addie's great grand son).

The relatives traveling the farthest were Jack and Jessie [Humphrey], Filimon and Delma [Maestas], Elias and Mickey [Valdez] and Rollie and Della [Foster].

Our total expenses were $639.13. Our balance August, 1984 was $586.80.

We need to up-date our mailing list.

We need to know who plans to attend and how many to plan for by May 1, 1985. (Respond to Ignacio Maestas PO Box 112 Mora, New Mexico 87732.)

Following are some of the "old rules" plus things discussed at the general meeting:

The cost of this reunion will be as follows:

			     Family     $30.00
     Couple with 1 child     $15.00
     Guests     $10.00
Checks can be made out to Maestas Family Reunion and may be sent to Nano and Addie any time or paid at the reunion.

There is still time for suggestions! Let us know.

Best wishes for the holidays from all of us!


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