This newsletter was just found (2008/02/19) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable.

7th Maestas Family Reunion
July 11, 12, 13, 1987
or July 10, 11, 12, 13, 1987

To be held at:     Los Alamitos, New Mexico

Fees: Family $35.00
  Couples $20.00
  Guests $15.00

Menu:     To remain approximately the same as 1985

Planning Committee Members:
  Lionor Maestas Elias Valdez
  Tillie Kasch Moises Maestas
  Adelita Craig Matt Maestas
  Louie Valdez  

Contact person for sleeping arrangements and RSVP:     Adelita Craig

Games for younger set:     Larry Maestas

Attached is the current mailing list. Please correct and anyone wanting to recieve notices, please let us know BEFORE NOVEMBER 1st, 1986.

(Webmaster's Note: This list has been omitted in the interest of privacy. There is still no way to ensure such a list is not open to the world. Also, in 2008, this list would be too out of date to be of much use.)

Please bring 2 dozen tortillas and 1 dozen cookies per family.

Maestas Family Reunion

The families of the late Cirilio and Cresencia Maestas of Holman, New Mexico met on July 12, 13, and 14 for the sixth family reunion. The families camped at Los Alamitos, New Mexico.

The oldest family member was José D. Maestas (92 years old) of Holman and the youngest was Zachary Montgomery - born --- --, 19-- (son of Mina & Pat Montgomery, grandson of Lulu & Fidel Valdez, great grandson of Ignacio & Adela Maestas).

Approximately 133 relatives and friends arrived from California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, New York, and Wyoming. Those in attendance were members of Demetria Espinar family, Jose Maestas family, Matias Maestas family, Moises Maestas family, Seraida Sanchez family, and the Ignacio Maestas family. No-one from the family of Abenico Maestas attended.

The relatives travelling the farthest were Ken & Linda Valdez from Kalamazoo, Michigan and Robert Craig from West Point, New York, Maggie Trujillo, Al & Tillie Kasch, California and Filimon Maestas, San José, California.

David (had surgery on July -, 1985) and Sally Maestas were missed and they deserve a special thanks for organizing the purchase of the reunion T-shirts and caps. A special thanks to Fermín for the kitchen cabinet he made and donated for the reunion. Everyone was fantastic in donating cookies and tortillas. Thank you to all the individuals who donated miscellaneous items. This reunion, an army surplus field kitchen tent was purchased and it came in very handy during the rain.

Our total expenses were $1138.67. Our balance October, 1985 was $421.05.

Things discussed by the Planning Committee and presented at the general meeting were:

It was suggested that those individuals working to organize before- and after-meal clean-up have no other duties during the weekend.

A schedule of working crews will be posted. The menu for the meals will be approximately the same and it will be available for the crew in charge of each meal. Trash cans will be available.

Adelita Craig will now be the treasurer as her mother Adela Maestas retired after 6 reunions. Notices will be sent out during the Christmas, 1986 season by Adelita. All responses will be due on May 1, 1987. It is very important that anyone planning to come let Adelita know as this is how we approximate buying of supplies and food. Elias Valdez will be helping to organize the working crews, etc.

The fees were increased by $5.00 for each category. This was done to offset inflation.

Larry Maestas volunteered to organize games for the younger children. He will also have mixers (ice breakers) for the pre-teens and teenagers.

Presentation of gifts for the oldest, youngest, and those travelling the farthest will be continued. Moises, Jr. donated land to enlarge the family cemetary plot. Voluntary pledges were made to defray the cost of cleaning up, grading and maintenance.

As a number of family members had to leave early, it was suggested that the reunion start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday after breakfast.

If there are any objections to these changes, please let us know before December, 1986.