This newsletter was just found (2014/03/30) among a lot of old family information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable.


Maestas Reunion Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:12 PM on July 10, 1993. Larry Maestas read the names of the committee members. Ta opened up the meeting by asking: Do we want another reunion? Unanimous yes by all members. Next on the agenda was fees. There were several suggestions as to increase or leave as is. Ta gave a brief account on the past and present fund. She gave approximate monies spent, the balance and what was due. Carlos brought up the porta-potty (out-house) problem. Matt was given the OK to look into this proposal. Carlos had suggested two permanent ones with chemicals.


There were proposals on increases, some discusion pro and con to this effect. There were several questions asked as to what constituted a family. (Fees will remain the same ad so will definitions of family.)


Jeff suggested two meals and snacks (breakfast and dinner.) Families should bring snacks, fruit, chips. This would eliminate so much cooking for the limited volunteer cooks, thus letting the few volunteers have more time for fun. For Friday dinner hamburgers and hot dogs was suggested. Josie suggested turkey ad all beef wieners be included. Adults should be responsible for their children, both in the dinner line and supervised during meal times and throughout the remainder of the reunion (This was adopted.)


A questionnaire will be sent to every family in hopes of getting information as to the time they plan to arrive—estimated length of stay—this will assist greatly in estimating the amount of food to be prepared. In the same questionnaire you will be asked in what capacity you will be able to assist—e.g., cooking, clean up, preparation, etc. It will also help knowing how many meals you plan to eat.


Special holidays will be limited to Easter ad Christmas, alternating one every other reunion.


This is a fun and rewarding participation. However, it has not been followed through as planned. Fabiola will therefore be in charge of coordination.


This same event as in past years will be continued and Pam Maestas volunteered to pick out and purchase the gifts for these two special people.


Cooperation is appreciated in updating change of address or other changes at this time. Contact Ta for all changes.


The question was asked as to whether or not calendars should be continued. It was voted that they should. Ta gave a brief financial account as to the cost of calendars. A suggestion was made on an increase of $1.00 per calendar. Orders should be taken for these which will be January 1995 through December 1995.

(The calendar will run through July 1995 to help people remember the reunion dates.)


A suggestion was made that one dishcloth and one hand towel be brought per family. However, Josie feels that handiwipes and disposable towels would be more appropriate. (No decision was made on this issue.)


A newsletter will be sent to every family in order for them to update or revise information. If you choose not to be included in the newsletter, please let us know as soon as possible.


Alternative reunion sites were discussed. Possible suggestions for new sites will be open for discussion.


The next reunion dates will be set later, as to not conflict with the Fourth of July weekend. (Dates given earlier were based on what Matt, Joan, Lionore & Bercie remembered.)

Fabiola suggested that if anyone comes across any bargains on equipment needed for the next reunion, please contact the comittee (Matt, Lionore, Elias or Ta.)

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Josie Alvarez

(Notes at the ends of paragraphs in parentheses are updates from Fabiola Esposito.)


Tenth Maestas Family Reunion

Held July 8, 9, 10, and 11 1993 at Los Alamitos, New Mexico. 195 persons attended. The oldest was Addie Maestas, the youngest was Briana Trujillo, mom Gina, grandmother Marie, great-grandmother Cleo. (Matias Maestas' great-great grand-father.)

The farthest from the North was Valerie and daughters - Jessie's daughter - Lala's grandaughter. From the south was EA and Harvey - Lulu's daughter - Ignacio & Addie's grandaughter. The easterners were Rick, Monica and children - CD's son and Joe & Clodovea's grandson. Daryl from the coast of California was our western person - Florence's son - Joe & Clodovea's grandson.

The young children had the treat of going through a HAUNTED HOUSE. Halloween treats were handed out. We did a mini-Valentine celebration.

The fees remained the same, Family $35.00, Couples with one child $25.00, Couples $20.00, Singles $10.00

  Balance as of 6/30/93 was $1,214.59  
  Deposit 7/12/93 $1,612.00  
  1993 Reunion Bills were $1,370.92  
  BALANCE $1,455.67  
  Food Sale $   139.20  

Elias was sick and after all his hard work was unable to attend. We missed him. He had surgery and is now doing well.

"The" game was won by California. The volleyball game was very lively. Horseshoes were also played.

[The list of attendees was originally placed here, but has been omitted in the interest of privacy.]


Secret Primos were exchanged and HAVE YOU REMEMBERED TO SEND YOUR SECRET PRIMO A NOTE?? Please remember to get a note out. If you don't want to participate or cannot, please let me know and I will reassign people so everyone can get something. If you are receiving secret primo notes and not sending anything please let me know—it means someone is not getting anything. If you need information, please let me know and I'll get it. (Fabiola Esposito 303/289-2787)


Please give us information to share for the July, 1994 Newsletter. We know that Rosalie and Jerry will have a new addition, Elizabeth and Harvey Bordette will have had their twins, Jeff and Diane's baby is due in May, Christy and Anthony's baby is due in January, Kristy and Ernie will have their little one in March, Cleo will be in Las Vegas, NV to live as of January 1, 1994, Sid Craig will be graduating in May from New Mexico Highlands University. Please let Adelita know what is going on and we can share information as a family. We also need any updates by June 1. Please make sure we have up-to-date names, birthdates, and addresses.


The next Maestas Reunion calendar will be from August 1994 to July, 1995. The reason for this is to allow for any changes (births) to be included as close as possible to the time of the reunion. Anyone with aditions or corrections needs to let Ta know. If you want a calendar, please send her your money ($4) by April 30, 1994.

Adelita or Ta is used interchangeably for Adelita Craig. See address list for her address. Matt is Matt Maestas, Jr. Carlos is Carlos Maestas. Carlos Craig will have his last name included.