This newsletter was just found (2008/02/19) among a lot of old geneological information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable.

Maestas Family Reunion
Newsletter Update

August 1994

The 1995 reunion is less than a year away! Do you have your vacation time scheduled? It should prove to be one of the best reunions with you there. REMEMBER July 6, 7, 8, and 9, 1995 in New Mexico!!

Your contacts in the Mora area are: Elias Valdez, Matt Maestas, Lionor Maestas.


The 1995 Maestas Calendar will be sent to the printer in September. Please have any additions, corrections, etc., to Adelita Craig (Webmaster's Note: Address removed in the interests of privacy) by September 1, 1994. We have it computerized and ready to go—all we need is for the family to keep us updated.
(Webmaster's Note:Attached to this newsletter was a list of updates to the calendar. I'm not including it because it wouldn't make any sense to do so because it's so outdated, and it's too much work to format and type it all, besides.... And I don't want any comments from certain people about me being lazy!!)

Summer News Bites

Elias Valdez went to California...Joan Maestas had her mother visiting...Cleo Valdez went back to Colorado to visit her family...Paul & Denise Maestas went to Disneyland...Addie Maestas went to Fort Worth, Texas to the Baptism of her newest great-grand children (David and Rosalie Rordett). She was chaufferued by Carlos Craig...Carlos and Lucille Maestas made their annual trip to New Mexico...Dan and Cresencia Jaramillo moved to the home they had built in Holman—they are again New Mexico residents...Floyd & Florence Brillhart are now living in Rio Rancho, NM.

We have people who signed up to be secret primos who are having trouble keeping in touch. If you have not contacted your secret primo in the last year, please contact me (Fabiola) so I can re-assign your primo to someone else. If I hear from someone that they have not received anything, I will re-assign. We have people who have been very conscientious and others only on special occasions. What I'm asking is that you spend $2.00 a month at the most and buy, make or draw a card and mail it. This would be once a month for the next ten months. The cost doesn't even need to be that high—get a post card for 25¢ and a stamp for 19¢. I have a friend who makes her own greeting cards from unprinted post cards and if you are talented or creative then it could be beautiful and less expensive.


Please get us your new address, name change or anything else that would help make communications better. This goes to Adelita.

The next newsletter will go out for Christmas. Please ge me any updates on you and your family you would like to share with the whole Maestas family. I would need this information by December 1st to have the newsletter out in December with the calendars