This newsletter was just found (2014/03/30) among a lot of old family information. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable. Personal information such as addresses and phone numbers have been deleted, as well as the [incomplete] list of names and addresses that was part of the original newsletter.


It's almost time for the ELEVENTH Maestas Reunion. Have you asked for time off?
July 6, 7, 8, and 9, 1995

Secret Primos
PLEASE—PLEASE remember your commitment to correspond with your secret primo. I know I told you in the last newsletter that you could send a post card for 19 cents; I didn't know the price was going to go up to 20 cents! If you need information on your secret pal because you lost the name or address, my phone number is [omitted] and the address is

Fabiola Esposito
[address omitted]

News Bites
David and Lynae Maestas, and family, are now residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Elizabeth and Harvey Bordette have moved to the suburbs with two kids, and a dog, no less.
Demetrio Maestas has moved to Santa Fe. He is married to Luz Linda. Congratulations!
I did not hear from people so I don't have a lot of news bites. . .

The calendars are available. Let Adelita know if you want one. I hope that they are correct and that you enjoy your calendar. Adelita's phone number is [omitted]; her address is

[address omitted]

A list of names and addresses was part of the original newsletter; it has been omitted in the interest of privacy in this age of identity theft.