This newsletter was just found on 12/13/2006 while searching through old files to be cleaned up. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable.

Maestas Reunion General Meeting

July 8th, 1995

Elias Valdez welcomed everyone.

Secret pals HELP HELP

I have people who picked up secret pal information but didn’t fill out information forms and I have people who filled out forms and didn’t pick out someone to correspond with.....


Attendance at the 1995 Maestas Family Reunion

Stella Vasquez Frank Maestas Joe Martinez Annette Maestas
Delfinio Vasquez Lulu Valdez DonnaJo Martinez Kenny Maestas
Christine Taylor Fidel Valdez Joe Martinez Jr Marissa Maestas
Dick Taylor Elizabeth Valdez Prescillianna Martinez Adam Maestas
Sam Vasquez Harvey Bordette Fidel Maestas Mario Maestas
Angie Vasquez David Bordette Rose Maestas Jacquline Maestas
Dominic Vasquez Rosalie Bordette Michael Maestas Mariah Maestas
Carole St John Mina Montgomery Paul Maestas Jamie Ulibarri
Matt Maestas Tobias Montgomery Denise Maestas Filimon Maestas
Joan Maestas Zach Montgomery Andrea Maestas Delma Maestas
Jonathan Maestas Lorren Montgomery Josephine Alvarez Christy Maestas
Jordan Maestas Dan Jaramillo Gary Alvarez *Christy's friend
Dannette Maestas Cresencia Jaramillo Barbara *Tano Chavez
Cassandra Maestas Martha Chavez Lorraine *Rosa Chavez
Randy J. Maestas Sam Chavez Steve *Filimon Martinez
Lori Barela Earl Chavez Elsie Valdez *Mrs. Filimon Martinez
Larry Barela Sophie Chavez Louie Valdez Jimmy Maestas
Tamara Barela Ashlynn Chavez Christopher Valdez Melvin Maestas
Ashley Barela Connie Romero Robert Valdez Mike Esposito
Christopher Barela Belarmino Romero Jeannie-Mari Bartholomew Fabiola Esposito
Danny Lopez BJ Romero Frank Garcia Sara Esposito
Johnnie Lopez Deandra Romero Jack Garcia Antonio Esposito
Nick Lopez Diane Mondragon Victor Villareal Bianca Esposito
Rick Maestas Gerald Mondragon Mariann Maestas Lorraine Duran
Monica Maestas Lillian Sanchez Stephen Maestas Yvonne Vasquez
Erin Maestas Denise Mingus John Madrid *Yvonne's friend
Kaylyn Maestas Rocky Mingus Johnnie Madrid Demetrio Maestas
Steven Maestas Elia Gonzales Michael Valdez Rosalinda Maestas
Elias Valdez Derrick Gonzales Rhonda Valdez *??granddaughter??
Della Foster Bella Nies Jerry Valdez Marie Trujillo
Jessie Humphrey Paul Nies Rosalie Valdez Robert Trujillo
Jack Humphrey Eric Nies Janele Valdez Anthony Trujillo
Valerie Nance Connie Jaramillo Isaac Valdez Samantha Bonney
Gwen Nance Eddie Jaramillo Donnie Romero Chastity Bonney
Jane Nance Lina Evans Melanie Romero Kelly Bonney
Carlos Maestas Stephanie Evans Cleo Valdez Beverly Bonney
Kevin Maestas Dan Craig Richard Valdez Larry Maestas
Adrienne Maestas Lee Craig Ernie Trujillo Floyd Brillhart
Lionor Maestas Jordan Craig Kristi Trujillo Florence Brillhart
Bercy Maestas Carlos Craig Kristen Trujillo Daryl Brillhart
Jo Rosborough Adelita Craig Andrew Trujillo Cindy Brillhart
Guy Rosborough *Alfonso Arellano Andy Maestas Justin Brillhart
Anna Saiz *Fuzzy Arellano Kenny Maestas Joshua Brillhart
John Saiz Darren Craig Pat Maestas Elise Casados
John Saiz Jr Joaquin Maestas Marissa Maestas *Terry Hamilton
Amy Saiz Bennie Garcia Tim Valdez *Scott Hamilton
Alex Saiz JoAnn Madrid Julie Olsen *Genevieve Vigil
Diane Nunez Joe Madrid Elena Olsen-Valdez Freddie Chavez
Yolanda Maestas Selina Aragon Paul Jaramillo Jimmy Maestas
Ernest Maestas Seferino Aragon Melanie Jaramillo Sally Maestas
Paul McCoy Mary Jane Garcia Shalon Jaramillo George Maestas
Barbara Holmes Desiree Garcia Paul Jaramillo Jeff Maestas
Amanda Jaramillo Bobby Maestas Cresencia Jaramillo Diane Maestas
Kirk Harden Christopher Maestas Steven Jaramillo Crystal Maestas
Candice Harden Steven Maestas Amorette Maestas  
Austin Harden Donna Martinez Paul Maestas  

* Denotes guests of family members

Gifts for the oldest and youngest family member present were purchased by Pam Maestas. Adela B. Maestas was the oldest celebrating her 85th birthday on July 8th. She received a beautiful blanket. Deandra Romero, great granddaughter of Moises & Florinda Maestas, granddaughter of Sam & Martha Chavez, daughter of Belarmino & Connie was the youngest, being born on June 3, 1995. She received a blanket.

We will be sending more information on a family quilt for the 1997 reunion. The idea is to raffle it off and use the money to buy essentials. We are looking at an 8 inch square with a 3/4 inch border.

This year money was spent on a chemical toilet. Having an extra out-house helped.

The menu committee met and has this for the next reunion: we will be asking that only one dozen tortillas be brought. The menu committee will also have some changes on the cookies, snacks. Possibly have a few select families bring marshmallows instead of cookies. They also authorized the buying of 2 5-gallon water containers, with spigots, for drinks. They discussed a dining fly.

We again ask for only one camp fire during the reunion.

The response for towels and dish cloths was fantastic. We now have enough to even clean up after the pie eating contest!! Thank Elias for washing them right away. This is the first year we wouldn’t have been in a bind.

It was suggested that towels be used as a way to get more help. Therefore, at the next reunion the people cooking will pick a towel (that will have a name on it) and that will decide who is doing clean up. As the people picking the towels will not know the names on the towels it should be fair.

We will go back to a sign-in sheet. There will also be name tags, color coded by family, to help those of us who have poor memories.


All living children from Abenicio’s, Seraida’s and Ignacio’s families were in attendance. We had representation from Demetria’s family again. It had been quite awhile. Matias’ family had eight out of 10 children represented. All of Joe’s daughters made it to the reunion. Moises’ family had 2 of 6 children present.

Missing Persons report

Maggie Espinar would have liked to join us but her health does not allow her to make the long trip.

Ernest, Serenity, Spring and Hawaii (Fidel & Rose Maestas family) are still in Oregon. Spring graduated this year and is now working. Maxine went to Quebec this summer and will not be in New Mexico until the end of July to visit Fidel and Rose Maestas.

Belinda is in the San Francisco Bay area keeping herself busy. Her mom, Cresencia Jaramillo, hopes that by the next reunion she’ll be in the New Mexico or Colorado area.

Ken, Linda, and family from Kalamazoo had a prior commitment but hope to make the 1997 reunion, according to Elias. Robin was training for a Presbyterian Assembly Session in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Robert, Sid and Cody did not attend as Cody did not arrive until July 1st. The Craigs are all doing well in Springville Utah.

Pam did not attend as her son (Eric Steven Chavira) waited until July 10th to be born. They are doing well in Barstow. We missed her and Lucille who stayed home to welcome her newest grandchild. Since then Carlos & Lucille became Great-grandparents again. Sabrina Olguin was born 8-17 to their granddaughter Rachel (mom, Dornella).

Fermin, Mabel, and family visited New Mexico in June as Fermin was unable to get time off in July.

Stella Medina (a.k.a. Lujan) was in Phoenix visiting her brother.

Eddie Jaramillo is finally back in California. He had by-pass surgery in Albuquerque shortly after the reunion and there were complications. His progress has been slow.

Delfinio Vasquez is responding to chemotherapy. He and Stella have been with Sam in Albuquerque.

We would like to extend our thanks to Barbara Holmes for providing the pens specially inscribed for the family reunion.

Family Tree

At the reunion, everyone was enthusiastic about putting together a complete family tree. However, only about a dozen genealogical forms were turned in at the reunion and only 1 more has been received in the mail. Even if you are not very interested, please send us the information about yourself and your family, so that those who are interested will have it available. If you don’t have the forms anymore, just write out the following information on plain paper:

[Webmaster's Note: There is a form for this purpose you can download from here.]

Make sure that the relationships between people are clear; for example, Charlemagne is known as Kaiser Wilhelm’s son, but in reality Charlemagne is the son of Heloise, Kaiser Wilhelm’s second wife, and Kaiser Wilhelm adopted Charlemagne after Kaiser Wilhelm married Heloise. If you want to draw a little diagram to make it clear, feel free. Please make sure that addresses and phone numbers are included wherever possible.

Whatever information you have, please send it along to Fabiola Esposito (address above).

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