August 11th, 1996

It has been over a year since we were together at Los Alamitos for the 1995 Reunion. It is time to start thinking about 1997.

Have you asked for vacation time? Have you started thinking about your Christmas tree decoration? Do you have an idea what your quilt square for the reunion quilt will look like?

Secret Pal

I have not heard from many of you about your secret pal and I have a number of people who are giving but not receiving.

Rules for Secret Pals:

For everyone with a Secret Pal: please send me the following information:

Family Birthday Calendar

It is time to send in our order for 1997 Maestas Reunion Calendars. Any changes, additions, deletions etc. need to be sent to Adelita Craig (address removed for privacy) no later than September 16, 1996. We need all orders to be prepaid. Due to increases in printing costs, the price will be $4.00 for each calendar.


Family Tree

At the reunion, everyone was enthusiastic about putting together a complete family tree. However, only about a dozen genealogical forms were turned in at the reunion and only 1 more has been received in the mail. Even if you are not very interested, please send us the information about yourself and your family, so that those who are interested will have it available. If you don't have the forms anymore, just write out the following information on plain paper:

Make sure that the relationships between people are clear; for example, Charlemagne is known as Kaiser Wilhelm's son, but in reality Charlemagne is the son of Heloise, Kaiser Wilhelm's second wife, and Kaiser Wilhelm adopted Charlemagne after Wilhelm and Heloise were married. It would be nice to know Charley's father's name. too!

If you want to draw a little diagram to make it clear, feel free. Please make sure that addresses and phone numbers are included wherever possible.

Whatever information you have, please send it along to Fabiola and Mike Esposito (address above).

Mailing Address List

In the next newsletter, you can expect an updated mailing address list. If you have any changes, please send them to Fabiola Esposito. The newsletter is due to be mailed in the beginning of December, along with the new birthday calendar, so your address corrections should be to us by the beginning of November.