This newsletter was just found on 12/13/2006 while searching through old files to be cleaned up. Much of the information is out-dated but the history is still valuable.


Ask for your vacation time early. Remember that this is family reunion year—. July 10, 11, 12, & 13. 1997.

We will be making a reunion quilt this year. Jo Rosbough is in charge of it. Here is the information you need to get your square ready:

Eight inch (8”) squares are to be used. Leave a one inch (1”) border around the square for the purpose of attaching squares together. Use a cotton blend such as 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Families are to be defined as independent groups, not individual children. Therefore, if your child still lives at home and has no children then he/she is part of your original family and not eligible for a separate square.

Family colors are as follows:

Abenicio light yellow
Demetria light green
Ignacio light blue
Jose lavender
Martha and all other family members mustard yellow
Matias pink
Moises beige
Seraida peach

The quilt is to be raffled off at a reasonable price so that we can then get backing and quilting materials. We will also have a color picture in the newsletter and will use raffle money to pay for the extra cost in printing. Bring or send your square to the reunion. Jo and Bercie will be putting the quilt together. If you wish, you can mail your square to Lionor and Bercy.

Order Now!!!

T-shirts will say:

Los Alamitos
Maestas Family Reunion

We will be using the same colors for T-shirts that we are using for the quilt. If you are interested, Sally Maestas will be taking orders. Her address is: 610 Montara, Barstow, Ca.
Orders need to be in to Sally by April and we will only order pre-paid items.
Make the check out to Sally Maestas as she will be paying for the items.
If you have questions you can also call Jeff & Diane at 701/252-2016 or Pat at 701/256-1216.

Child and Adult Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large $7.00 plus tax
XX Large $9.00 plus tax
XXX Large $11.00 plus tax


Carlos Maestas won $60.00 from a lottery ticket his secret pal sent him. Lucky man.

People have expressed an interest in playing golf. If you are one of those so inclined contact Fidel Valdez at 505-437-2434 to play in a golf tournament on Thursday before the reunion starts. The course in Taos is new and promises a lot of fun.

Sam and Angie Vasquez will be in charge of BINGO. If you are interested in playing bring a household item, first aid kit, something in the $2.00 range. The cards will be sold and the money will be put into the reunion fund.

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Julian Olivas. Primo Julian made most of our reunions.

We need updates on addresses. Please let Adelita Craig know where you have moved to so we can send out information to the right place.

If you signed up for a secret pal please send them something. I was not given enough information to help track and remind people of the commitment they made. Therefore please make sure that this information is shared. We had people sign up and no longer have their address and with others the child who signed up does not live with the “Maestas” parent and so they do not get this reminder.

Elizabeth Valdez, Harvey, Rosalie and David Bordette spent Christmas with Addie Maestas in Mora. It was a treat for Addie as she had not been able to stay in Mora for an extended period of time since this summer.

1997 will see Adelita and Carlos Craig becoming grandparents again.

Annette Maestas was in an automobile accident this fall. We hear she is doing well.

Barbara Holmes and her family are living in California again. The lure of Barstow brought her west.

Our menu committee planned a fantastic eating spree for us. Adelina Foster, Elia Gonzales, and Mary Jane Garcia are just three people in this committee who will be getting things organized for this summer. What will you be doing?

We will have an update in our next newsletter to let you know about the changes we are planning. An example would be that we are asking for only one dozen tortillas.

We will again celebrate Christmas. Bring one present per person attending. If you are a family of five please bring five presents age appropriate!

We will have an ornament exchange again. Start thinking about ornaments you can make that we will put up, enjoy, and then trade.

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