Maestas Family Reunion Newsletter

June, 1997


It’s almost time, have you made reservations? Please let us know if you are coming so we can buy the right amount of food.


The original Maestas Family group—this picture was used for the family birthday calendar.

Since the last reunion, Mike Esposito has acquired a laptop computer and has it loaded with the Family Tree software. If there is a generator available at this year’s reunion, you will be able to get all of the information about your little branchlet of the family tree entered into the computer. Be sure to bring all of the information you have: birthdates (and death dates, too), marriage dates, birth places, etc. Whatever information you have, there is a place for it in this program. When we get as much information as we can, we will publish it all for everyone who wants it.
We also have some new software for storing photographs on the computer, and even getting the pictures back from the photo lab on a computer disk! The pictures in this newsletter are a case in point. The picture above is a composite of several pictures. The main group was taken at Aunt Martha’s restaurant. It was slightly tilted and had a distracting background (the mural on one of the restaurant walls). With the software I have now, I was able to remove the background and repair a couple of scratches, remove the tilt, and make it look as if the photographer was standing directly in front of the group. The inset pictures of Demetria, Moises, and Lionor were all taken from individual snapshots or (in the case of Lionor) a sepia-tone tintype. All of these pictures were put on a computer scanner, the images were fed into the computer, and, presto!...out came a picture that was used for the 1997 Maestas Family Birthday Calendar. ...Gee!, aren’t computers wonderful???


Don’t forget to bring a Christmas ornament for decorating our tree. If you want to bring extra ornaments for exchange, or … or … whatever, that will be fine, also.

Family Quilt

We will be making a reunion quilt this year. Jo Rosbough is in charge of it. Here is the information you need to get your square ready:
Ten inch (10”) squares are to be used. Leave a one inch (1”) border around the square for the purpose of attaching squares together (so the square starts out at 10” x 10” and the part usable for your picture is 8" x 8".). Use a cotton blend such as 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Families are to be defined as independent groups, not individual children. Therefore, if your child still lives at home and has no children then he/she is part of your original family and not eligible for a separate square.
Family colors are as follows:

Abenicio light yellow
Demetria light green
Ignacio light blue
Jose lavender
Martha and all other family members mustard yellow
Matias pink
Moises beige
Seraida peach

The quilt is to be raffled off at a reasonable price so that we can then get backing and quilting materials. We will also have a color picture in the newsletter and will use raffle money to pay for the extra cost in printing. Bring or send your square to the reunion. Jo and Bercie will be putting the quilt together. If you wish, you can mail your square to Lionor and Bercy.


Several volunteers are needed for jobs that need to be done:


Sam Vasquez and the Game Committee have come up with a number of games, in addition to the regular softball and volleyball games and horseshoe toss. Come prepared go break a piñata, participate in tire races, and a marble tournament, among many others. If you’ve never played Skibble, now’s your chance! Come for the fun. If you have any game equipment we can use, let Sam Vasquez know at 505/XXX-XXXX.

Christmas Exchange

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Bring a gift when you come! If your family has 2 adults and 3 children, bring gifts for 2 adults and 3 children, labelled according to male or female, and age range. This is for adults, teen-agers, and children, with a limit of $5.00 per gift.

(part of it, anyway)

Thursday, 7/10
All day
(continuing all weekend, actually)
fill out Secret Pal info, Mailing list corrections, give geneology info, etc.
Saturday, 7/12
10:00 AM Pictures by family, alphabetically
All day Games—softball, volleyball, etc.
11:00 AM (???)
(right after pictures)
Secret Pal meeting


For all you Bingo aficionados, we will be playing during the reunion. Bring prizes. Who knows, you might even win them back!

Left: One family contingent at the ‘95 reunion. The picture was developed and put onto a floppy disk, so it could be loaded into the computer.


Here is the tentative menu the food committee put together for this reunion, submitted by Adelina Foster.
Thursday, July 10, 1997
Evening meal: Provided by people in the valley
Friday, July 11, 1997
Breakfast: Potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage
Lunch: Christmas Dinner:
thick-sliced ham, roast turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, salad, rolls
Supper: Haystacks (Fritos ,salsa,cheese), watermelon
Saturday, July 12, 1997
Breakfast: Potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage
Lunch: Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips
Supper: Bar-b-q beef, corn-on-the-cob, cole slaw
Sunday, July 13, 1997
Breakfast: Potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage

Cookies will be available for dessert. Kool aid, tea and coffee will be available for drinks at lunch and supper. Tang, tea and coffee will be available for drinks at breakfast.

Remember, each family will need to bring 1 dozen tortillas and 1 dozen cookies.