September '97 Volume 1.2

Reunion News

Another family reunion has come and gone. Approximately 180 people attended. Everyone enjoyed the baseball game (California lost!!!!) and the other games were enjoyed by all.

Notes from the ‘97 reunion

Secret Pals: A suggestion was made and approved that secret pals be matched as either adults or children.

Birthday Calendar: The family approved continuation of the family birthday calendar. Several changes were proposed and adopted, however:

All calendar orders will be pre-paid and orders must be placed every year by Sept. 1. (For the current year, Oct. 1 is the deadline.) Any ideas you have on changes in the calendar cover should be sent to Mike Esposito, in time to make a difference. Also, you should be checking the names in the calendar for your family and making sure that everything is correct. Changes because of births, deaths, divorces, etc. should be sent to Mike so that these can be included in the next edition. Every name that appears on the calendar costs us 15¢; if your divorced spouse’s birthday is on the calendar, you can keep the cost down by having it removed.

Outhouses: There was a discussion concerning either building, renting, or buying new outhouses. Whether we buy or rent portables, we would still have the problem of moving them to the site. Matias Maestas volunteered to head the committee to resolve this issue. One suggestion was to get a backhoe to the site to dig the hole(s), then build one or two outhouses at the site.
Background information. The oldest outhouse is a single-seater and is falling apart. It was built many, many years ago. The large outhouse is a 3-seater and was built for the first reunion in 1975. The third is a single-seat portable, acquired by the family just before the 1995 reunion, specifically for the reunions.

Quilt raffle: Tickets were sold during the reunion and the raffle was held. The winner was James Maestas, son of Moisitos, grandson of Moises. The quilt is not yet completed—all quilt squares should be sent to Jo Rosbough by 9/30/97. A color picture of the completed quilt will be published in the next issue of the newsletter. The raffle raised $200 (???????) for the reunion fund.
Josephine has agreed to organize and do another quilt for the 1999 reunion. Start thinking about what your square will look like. The next newsletter will have a picture of this year’s quilt.

Mailing List Corrections: Any name corrections or changes of address should be sent to Fabiola & Mike (see return address on the address panel on the last page.). They maintain the complete mailing list for the entire family. You can also send them updates for the birthday calendar (deletions / additions / changes) and any news you want included in the next newsletter.

Game participation: Participation was good but...we need donated gifts for the bingo games. It was also suggested that we have games that include both children and adults. The committee will remain the same.

Golf Tournament: The tournament will be continued. Mac Daly and Larry Maestas will coordinate for the next reunion.

Newsletter: Reaction to the newsletter is good, but this will be the last newsletter you will receive unless you pay for a subscription. The newsletter will now be $2 per year. The cost is beginning to get out of hand, because we no longer can get free copying and postage is going up. Each 100 copies cost us $32 to mail—soon to be $33 or $34 or…??? Probably the best way to handle it is for family groups to get one copy and then either pass it around or make more copies for everyone. Everyone also agreed that there should be a representative for each geographical area or each family (however you want to do it), who would write out some notes about their part of the family and send it on for inclusion in the newsletter. Let everyone know about new jobs, awards, who is feeling poorly or is in the hospital, etc.

Memorial Plaque: A proposal was made that the family acquire a plaque to commemorate the patriarchs of the family, Cirilio and Cresencia Maestas. Such a plaque could also list their descendants.

Next Reunion

The dates for the 13th Maestas Family Reunion, will be July 8, 9, 10, & 11, 1999, at Los Alamitos. This is the second weekend in July, as is our normal practice.

Costs will remain the same as this year: $35 for a family / $25 for a couple with small child / $20 per couple / $10 per single.

Drug Usage at the Reunion

We appear to have a problem at the site for the reunion. Several people saw no problem in setting up their own camp and “doing their own thing”. Their “thing” reportedly included the use of illegal drugs.
The purpose of the reunion is to get together, not to camp out of sight of everyone else and hold your own party. More importantly, it was reported that some children (who were not among those families/groups having their own party) were there and being influenced in ways that their parents did not approve of.
Without getting too deep into moralizing about alternative lifestyles, the use of such drugs is illegal. If that is what you want to do, that’s fine—just go somewhere else. The reunion is held on private property; we don’t pay any rent for the property except to keep it clean. There is nothing in writing saying that the owners have to let us use it—we could find ourselves looking for another site.
At the 1999 reunion, if there is actually any drug use, we will ask those using drugs to pack up and leave.

Have Some Coffee?

How would you like a nice cup of that great coffee made at every reunion? Oh, you already have some. Or how about a big cup of tea? Comin’ right up! Now, how would you like a nice cup to put that coffee or tea in????
A suggestion was made at the reunion that we probably waste far too many cups—if everyone had their own, there wouldn’t be any question of where you might have left your cup, and it would be reusable throughout the reunion weekend. (Of course, you would be responsible for finding your cup and washing it. The wildlife there won’t do it for you.) If you think this is an idea you would like the family to pursue, contact Adelita Craig. WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO COORDINATE THIS.

Keep up your prayers

Fermin Maestas is having back surgery in August.
Flor Maestas is not doing well.
Addie Maestas is out of the Raton hospital and (temporarily, we hope!) in the Springer nursing home. Her broken ankle is healing.
Sophie Baca (of the Zamora clan) has been having heart problems and has been in and out of the hospital several times this summer.
As this issue goes to press, Christy Maestas (daughter of CD, granddaughter of Jose) was hit by a car, and is in pretty bad condition.
Guy Rosbough (Lionor’s son-in-law) sustained a severe injury to his elbow sometime since the reunion.
Elias Valdez will be having hip surgery this fall.

Lucille Maestas passed away on Sept. 11—Please keep her, and her family, in your thoughts and prayers.

Financial Report

On June 12, 1997, the Reunion bank account balance was $1534.10. A deposit of $1561.60 was made on July 25. This deposit represents all the receipts from the 1997 reunion. Expenses for this reunion totaled $1190.58. This leaves us a balance of $1905.12. Expenses not yet included are costs for the quilt and this newsletter.

Our Growing Family

Some time last year some members of the family heard from a gentleman named (of all the outlandish names!) Joe Maestas. It seems Joe spent some time in Mora as a boy but didn’t do all his growing up there. Somewhere along the line, he got out of touch with his larger family. Well, now he is back in touch! He is not only in touch, he and his wife Opal, along with their three daughters and their husbands, were at the reunion. Joe’s grandfather was Jose Maestas, who was the brother of Cirilio Maestas and Ramon Zamora.

Where Are You:

Where Are You: We still don’t have a complete list of family members’ addresses. If you know of people who don’t get a copy of this newsletter, make sure they send us their address. Or you could check the following list. We would like to make the mailing list complete.

Name Address City, State Zip
Abenicio's Family
Fidel & Rose Maestas
Bennie & Marian Maestas
Ernest & Serenity Maestas
Elia Gonzales
Bella & Paul Nies
Connie & Eddie Jaramillo
Linda Evans
1217 Alameda Rd NW
5608 Equestrian Dr NW
386 Sunnyside Dr
P.O. Box 931
PO Box 140
P.O. Box 535
1101 E Virginia Wy
Albuquerque, NM
Alburquerque, NM
Eugene, OR
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Demetria's Family
Maggie Trujillo
Bruce Kasch
Minnie James
Levie Deguara
Frances & David Sim
Danny & Jonnie Lopez
Minnie Aguirre
Mona & Manuel Ramirez
Sarah & Trini Mendivil
Russ & Laurie Mendivil
Demetria Mendivil
Rick Mendivil
Ron & Paula Lopez
194 Inner Cr
618 Lassen Wy
2626 Briarfield Av
1208 Westwood St
2626 Briarfield
892 Parkside Av
5865 Central Av
195 Hillside
34220 Cornwallis Pl
6502 Thomas Av
19798 Salem Rd
366322 Olive St
P.O. Box 415
Redwood City, CA
Roseville, CA
Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA
Lindsay, CA
Newark, CA
Menlo Park, CA
Fremont, CA
Newark, CA
Castro Valley, CA
Newark, CA
Earlimart, CA
Ignacio's Family
Adela Maestas
Fidel & Lulu Valdez
Elizabeth & Harvey Bordett Valdez
Adelita & Carlos Craig
Dan Craig
Robert & Sid Craig
Darren & Shelley Craig
Fabiola & Mike Esposito
Sara Esposito
P.O. Box 112
8 JJ Henry Rd
205 Lindenwood
P.O Box 301
622 Pauline St
844 S. 5th
270 Grant
8351 Solana Dr
11955 Humboldt Dr.
Mora, NM
La Luz, NM
Fort Worth, TX
Springer, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Raton, NM
Raton, NM
Thornton, CO
Northglenn, CO
Jose's Family
Stella Vasquez
Sam & Angie Vasquez
Josephine Alvarez
Debe & Bill Alvarez
Barb & Gary Alvarez
Jeanne M. Bartholomew
Christine & Dick Taylor
Cirilio (CD) Maestas
Evangeline Maestas
Herbert & Dolly Maestas
Paul & Denise Maestas
Annette & Kenny Maestas
Rick & Monica Maestas
Florence & Floyd Brillhart
Daryl & Cindy Brillhart
David Brillhart
6302 Harper Pl NE Apt 218
3802 Headingly NE
1015 Jackson
6401 S Cedar St
3244 S Hannibal
13396 E Colfax Av #02
P.O. Box 1301
1111 Siringo Ct

P.O Box 66
196 Alamos Rd
P.O. Box 457
10439 Labrador Loop
2869 Chessman Dr SE
5928 Conant St
2503 El Dorado Ln
Alburquerque, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Denver, CO
Littleton, CO
Aurora, CO
Aurora, CO
Lakeside, AZ
Santa Fe, NM
Mora, NM
Holman, NM
Corrales, NM
Santa Cruz, NM
Manassas, VA
Rio Rancho, NM
Long Beach, CA
Naperville, IL
Matias' Family
Cleo Valdez
Richard Valdez
Louie & Elsie Valdez
Jerry & Rosalie Valdez
Maria & Robert Trujillo
Michael & Rhonda Valdez
Matias & Joan Maestas
Randy Maestas
Andy Maestas
Lori & Larry Barela
Sally Maestas
David & Lynae Maestas
George Maestas
Jeff & Diana Maestas
Larry & Lorena Maestas
Lucille Maestas
Kenny & Patsy Maestas
Dornella Bernal
Pam Maestas
Andy & Marilyn Maestas
Lionor & Bercie Maestas
Josephina & Guy Rosbough
Frank & Connie Maestas
Anna & John Saiz
Yolanda Maestas
Barbara Holmes
Filimon & Delma Maestas
Fermin & Mabel Maestas
Angela & Ray Batol
Paul & Linda Maestas
Darla Livingston
Ignacio & Teresa Maestas
Demetrio Maestas
Tom & Rosalynn Cardenas
201 Mission Laguna Ln #6-202
201 Mission Laguna Ln #6-202
2630 Prescott Cr E
5271 Newton St
PO Box 16638
8747 W Cornell Av #14
P.O. Box 431
P.O. Box 431
12627 Kaitz St
P.O. Box 538
701 Montara Sp. 132
12832 Desert Creek Cr
616 Montara Ave
616 Montara
612 Montara Ave
612 Montara
P.O. Box 424
612 Montara
612 Montara
25551 Tamarisk
P.O. Box 658
102 B Wonsan Dr
2060 Newport Bl Sp. 16
P.O. Box 424
1000 Windy Pass #45
36960 Hayward
2812 Akino Dr
1505 Paloma
1540 Church St
1505 Paloma
1505 Paloma
217 S 7th Ave
PO Box 212
1906 Thomas Ave
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Lakewood, CO
Mora, NM
Mora, NM
Poway, CA
Mora, NM
Barstow, CA
Victorville, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Mora, NM
Oceanside, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
San Jose, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA
Holman, NM
Santa Fe, NM
Moises' Family
Cresencia & Dan Jaramillo
Belinda Jaramillo
Paul & Melanie Jaramillo
Moises & Susie Maestas
James Maestas
Ramon & Addie Maestas
Gary & Kathy Maestas
Martha & Sammy Chavez
Earl & Sophie Chavez
Sammy & Gena Chavez, Jr.
Samantha & David Bonney
Connie Chavez
Demetria Sanchez
Stella Medina
Viola & Juan Medina
P.O. Box 141
553 Browning St
3890 Bunkhouse Rd
P.O. Box 132

12201 Crabapple St
405 W St. Vrain PL Apt. 201
P.O. Box 45
PO Box 57
PO Box 58
P.O. Box 87
PO Box 46
P.O. Box 159
1320 Lead
P.O. Box 65
Cleveland, NM
Mill Valley, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Holman, NM

Broomfield, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Cleveland, NM
Cleveland, NM
Cleveland, NM
Cleveland, NM
Cleveland, NM
Cleveland, NM
Alburquerque, NM
Holman, NM

Seraida's Family
Elias Valdez
Ken & Linda Valdez
Tim & Julie Valdez
Vicki & Tom Pena
Adelina & Rollie Foster
Terry & Tereasa MacDonald
Marcia & Terry Stephenson
Jessie & Jack Humphrey
Valerie & Bruce Nance
P.O. Box 584
305 Reed
P.O. Box 14132
2312 2nd Av
P.O. Box 181
601 Robert S. Kerr #310
P.O. Box 880
306 Tyler
591 Forest Park Dr
Mora, NM
Kalamazoo, MI
Madison, WI
San Bernadino, CA
Maquon, IL
Oklahoma City, OK
Gold Hill, OR
Evansville, IN
Newburg, IN

Ramon Zamora’s Family
Sophie Baca
Ronnie & Kathy Baca
Lorraine Duran
Solomon & Lena Zamora
Phyllis Diemer
333 S Eaton #310
4100 Sharon
5665 Birkdale Wy
18099 County Rd. 79
512 Ash St
Lakewood, CO
Midland, MI
San Diego, CA
Trinidad, CO
Trinidad, CO
Jose Maestas’ family (brother of Cirilio Maestas & Ramon Zamora)
Joe & Opal Maestas
Betsy & Chuck Cornwell
Mac & Shawn Daly
Judi & Dennis Heher
2744 Evora Dr
Box 413
4844 Blue Ridge Dr
184 Bobs Ln
San Jose, CA
Andover, ME
San Jose, CA
Scotts Valley, CA
Cannot identify the following people by family. They are NOT in the family tree records.
Marion Archuleta
Stella & Frank Baca
Dolores & Don Daub
Anthony Garcia
Anthony & Lucy Garcia
Bennie W. Garcia
Desiree Garcia
Frank Garcia
Jack Garcia
Mary Jane Garcia
Julia Lopez
Joe & JoAnn Madrid
Cindy Maestas
Donna & Joe Martinez
Denise Mingus
Diane & Elias Mondragon
Irene Nuñez
Donnie & Malany Romero
Edward R. Samora
Sam E. Samora
Lillian Sanchez
Carol St. John
Lorraine & Steve Watkins
430 Dolores Dr SW
788 S Cole Ct
P.O. Box 203
3949 W Kentucky

1705 S Bryant St
11428 W 17th Pl
558 S Lowell
9628 W Chatfield Av #C
11428 W 17th Pl
2840 S Circle Dr
906 E 15th St
9946 Kika Ct #4627
860 Drake St
7470 N Dakin #207
621 W Kansas
1000 Windy Pass #38
13245 Raritan St
415 State St
1513 N Denver Av
313 Amherst Dr SE
Box 794
3072 S Rosemary St
Albuquerque, NM
Lakewood, CO
Erie, CO
Denver, CO
Mora, CO
Denver, CO
Lakewood, CO
Denver, CO
Littleton, CO
Lakewood, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Pueblo, CO
San Diego, CA
Denver, CO
Denver, CO
Trinidad, CO
Barstow, CA
Westminster, CO
Trinidad, CO
Trinidad, CO
Alburquerque, NM
La Junta, CO
Denver, CO

As you can see, there are a lot of addresses missing (more than half!!). We would like to have the widest circulation possible for our newsletter, but we can’t send it out to anyone if we don’t have an address.

At the next reunion, we expect to have a large board with the entire (incomplete) mailing list posted on it for you to make corrections. We will also have the family tree, as much as we have posted in the same location for any corrections. This will be in several formats: a set of graphical “trees”, a set of pages showing where information is missing on everyone in the computerized family tree, and a set of “Family Group” pages. These list parents with all of their children—only 2 generations per set, but a set for every ‘nuclear’ family in the Maestas family. These will make it far easier to make corrections and additions at the reunion. However, you don’t have to wait until then—you can handle it by mail long before then. Give us a call (303/289-2787) or write to us at the address below with your questions, answers, or whatever.

A sample graphical family tree, showing the first three generations of the family.

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