Reunion News Reminders

Next Reunion

The dates for the 13th Maestas Family Reunion, will be July 8, 9, 10, & 11, 1999, at Los Alamitos.  This is the second weekend in July, as is our normal practice.


            Outhouse Matias Maestas volunteered to head the committee to resolve the issue of more facilities. .  One suggestion was to get a backhoe to the site to dig the hole(s), then build one or two outhouses at the site. 


Background information.  The oldest outhouse is a single-seater and is falling apart.  It was built many, many years ago.  The large outhouse is a 3-seater and was built for the first reunion in 1975.  The third is a single-seat portable, acquired by the family just before the 1995 reunion, specifically for the reunions.  ANYONE WITH IDEAS OR WILLING TO HELP CALL MATT 505-387-2673


Quilt raffle:

Josephine has agreed to organize and do another quilt for the 1999 reunion.  Start thinking about what your square will look like.  Here are the pictures of last year’s quilt.


The quilt
(top half)

The whole quilt

Nothing but the quilt
(The bottom half)


Mailing List Corrections: Any name corrections or changes of address should be sent to Fabiola & Mike (see return address on the address panel on the last page.).  They maintain the complete mailing list for the entire family.  You can also send them updates for the birthday calendar (deletions / additions / changes) and any news you want included in the next newsletter.


Game participation:.  The committee members will remain the same.  They did such a Good Job! It was fun watching the orange exchange. The apple-eating contest was also fun.  Remember to bring donations for prizes.



Golf Tournament:  The tournament will be continued.  Mac Daly and Larry Maestas will coordinate for the next reunion. Call them if you are interested in golfing.  Mac at  and Larry at .


Newsletter:.  Everyone agreed--BUT NO-ONE VOLUNTEERED--that there should be a representative for each geographical area or each family (however you want to do it), who would write out some notes about their part of the family and send it on for inclusion in the newsletter.  Let everyone know about new jobs, awards, who is feeling poorly or is in the hospital, etc.


Memorial Plaque:  A proposal was made that the family acquire a plaque to commemorate the patriarchs of the family, Cirilio and Cresencia Maestas.  Such a plaque could also list their deceased descendants.

Costs will remain the same as this year: $35 for a family / $25 for a couple with small child / $20 per couple / $10 per single.




Carol St John visited with her mother Christine Taylor (daughter of Jose and Clodovea Maestas) in Arizona for Thanksgiving.  After visiting with Dick and Christine she then visited with Vangie Maestas and family in Holman, N.M.


The John and Anna Saiz family visited with Lionor (son of Matias and Roarito) and Bercy Maestas for the holidays.


Elias Valdez ( son of Seriada Maestas) spent the holidays with his daughter Robin.


Fidel and Lulu Valdez (daughter of Ignacio & Adela Maestas) took their grandson’s Tobias, Zachary, & Lorren Montgomery with them to visit their oldest daughter Elizabeth and her family in Conneticut.  David and Rosalie Bordette also welcomed Mina Valdez their aunt.  Elizabeth and Harvey had a full house.


Fermin and Mable Maesta (son of Matias) visited family in New Mexico and Colorado duing July. 


Jordan Craig visited his father Dan in Santa Fe.  His grandparents Adelita (daughter of Ignacio & Adela Maestas) & Carlos Craig took him back to (while stoping at San Antonio) Austin.  Bianca Esposito went with to ride rides at Six Flags with Jordan.



John Saiz, son of Anna and John Saiz, grandson of Lionor Maestas graduated from High  School this past May.


Diana Maestas graduated from College in Barston this past June.


We understand the Michael and Rhonda are proud parents.  Send us information to share.


Needed a Coffee Cup Buyer

How would you like a nice cup of that great coffee made at every reunion?  Oh, you already have some.  Or how about a big cup of tea?  Comin’ right up! Now, how would you like a nice cup to put that coffee or tea in????

A suggestion was made at the reunion that we probably waste far too many cups—if everyone had their own, there wouldn’t be any question of where you might have left your cup, and it would be reusable throughout the reunion weekend.  (Of course, you would be responsible for finding your cup and washing it.  The wildlife there won’t do it for you.)  If you think this is an idea you would like the family to pursue, contact Adelita Craig.  WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO COORDINATE THIS.




Keep up your prayers

Addie Maestas (Ignacio’s wife) is out of the Raton hospital She was having troulbe with her diabetes..


Elias Valdez was in an automobile accident.  He is in the hospital in Santa Fe with a bronken jaw will be having hip surgery this fall.


Viola Medina daughter of Moises and Flor Maestas has undergone successfull heart  surgery  She will be taking expensive medication for the rest of her life as well as travelling to Albuquerque. 


Yolanda Maestas, (daughter of Lionor, granddaughter of Matias) has been having trouble with her diabetes. 


Matt, George and Kenny Marestas are going through troubled time.

Financial Report

On June 12, 1997, the Reunion bank account balance was $1534.10.  A deposit of $1561.60 was made on July 25.  This deposit represents all the receipts from the 1997 reunion.  Expenses for this reunion totaled $1190.58.  This leaves us a balance of $1905.12.  Expenses not yet included are costs for the quilt, the calendar, and this newsletter.