Maestas Family Reunion Newsletter

October, 1998

Family Notes

Anna Saiz learned to drive fall of 1997. Anna is Lionor (Bercy) Maestas’ daughter and granddaughter of Matias and Rosarito. Congratulations!!! She and her family also visited Holman for the holidays in ’97. They came out over the summer too.

Anna’s sister, Josephine, and Jo’s husband Guy Rosbaugh have moved from California to Georgia.

Andrea Maestas was very sick the fall of 1997 and is now doing well. She is Paul and Denise Maestas’ daughter, granddaughter of Cirilio, and great-granddaughter to Jose & Clodovea.

Filimon and Delma sold their house and waited at their son’s while their new house was built. They live in the San Francisco Bay area. Filimon is Matias & Rosarito’s son.

Elizabeth, Harvey, Rosalie, and David Bordette moved from Fort Worth, Texas to Enfield, Conn. last fall. Elizabeth is Lulu and Fidel Valdez’’s daughter and Ignacio and Adela’s granddaughter. Lulu and Fidel took their daughter Mina and her sons, Tobias, Zach, & Lorren with them to Connecticut this summer. They played tourist on the way out and back. Mina Valdez moved from Colorado to New Mexico last fall.

Carol St. John, from La Junta, CO, spent Thanksgiving of 1997 with her mother Christine in Arizona. Carol is Jose and Clodovea Maestas’ granddaughter.

Andy Maestas, from San Diego, CA, made it to Mora twice last fall. He joined his parents Matt and Joan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also made it out this summer. Andy is Matias’ grandson.

Elias Valdez had hip surgery last fall. He is Seraida’s son. His sister, Adelina Foster, stayed with him while he recuperated from his first surgery and then his son Tim came out for his second surgery. Last July Elias was in an automobile accident. He spent time in the hospital in Vegas. His son Tim came out from Michigan and stayed with him.

Cresencia and Dan Jaramillo spent Thanksgiving of 1997 with their son Paul and his family in Colorado Springs. They missed the major storm in southern Colorado on their way back to Holman. Cresencia is Moises and Flor’s daughter. Their daughter Belinda and her sons visited with them this summer. Belinda is now living in Arizona.

Carlos and Adelita (Ignacio & Adela’s daughter) Craig had their grandson Jordan (son of Dan) visit from Texas. They and Bianca Esposito took him back through San Antonio, where they played tourist.

Dan Craig (son of Carlos and Adeltia, grandson of Ignacio and Adela) was accepted to acupuncture school.

We understand that Michael and Rhonda Valdez are proud parents. Cleo (daughter of Matias) is the proud grandma. Get us information for the next newsletter please.

Mailing List Corrections

Any name corrections or changes of address should be sent to Fabiola & Mike (see return address on the address panel on the last page.). They maintain the complete mailing list for the entire family. You can also send them updates for the birthday calendar (deletions / additions / changes) and any news you want included in the next newsletter.
As it happens, we have received almost nothing in the way of corrections. We now have E-MAIL! That’s right—you can reach us at

Please send us your e-mail addresses. We will put them out in the next newsletter.

Next Reunion

The dates for the 13th Maestas Family Reunion, will be July 8, 9, 10, & 11, 1999, at Los Alamitos. This is the second weekend in July, as is our normal practice.

The Quilt

At the last reunion, we raffled off a quilt. Jo Rosbaugh offered to put all of the pieces together and Bercy Maestas found someone to do the actual quilting. A special thank you to both of them. The quilt will be on display at the next reunion, before the winner, James Maestas, gets to take it home.

Josephine has agreed to organize and do another quilt for the 1999 reunion. Start thinking about what your square will look like. Unless we hear different the instructions for the squares will be the same as this quilt. Go here and here to find the original specifications.

Here are the pictures of the quilt:

           Top half of the quilt

           Bottom half of the quilt

           The whole quilt


In the Fall ‘97 newsletter we passed on the suggestion that we get some coffee cups—personalized—for the next reunion. Response to this idea was good. Adelita Craig has received only positive comments on the subject. There’s just one little catch—no one has come forward to coordinate this project. Adelita can’t do it. We need some of the other people who said at the reunion that there are only a few people who seem to do everything and someone else should be doing it. Now’s your chance, folks! We believe in equal opportunity volunteering. Let Adelita know if you are willing to do the job, or send a small write-up for the next newsletter to Mike and Fabiola.

The following is from the 1880 Mora County Census, Page 38.

José Pablo Medina WM 57
Gertrudes WF 51
Tomás WM 21
Alvino WM 17
Maria WF 16
Felicitas WF 14
Luz WM 13
Gracia WM 12
Romulo WM 10
Cresencia WF 08
Juanita WF 06
Beatris WF 04
Andres WM 02
Marcos WM 01

So in 1880 José Pablo Medina and his wife were 57 and 51 years of age, respectively, and they had 12 living children, 5 girls and 7 boys, between the ages of 1 and 21. It seems odd that Luz and Gracia are listed as males, since the names are typically used for girls but that may actually be the true case or it could be an error on the part of census workers.

Those family members who are up on their genealogy will realize, of course, that José and Gertrudes Medina are the parents of the three sisters who married the 3 Maestas (or Zamora, if you please) brothers who are the common ancestors of the Maestas family. You can also see this in the chart at the end of this page that shows the known siblings of the 3 brothers and 3 sisters. There are some discrepancies between the two charts—blame them on missing records and the (possibly) failing memories of Ignacio and José Maestas.


Please remember your secret Pals for the holidays. The December newsletter can list birthdays for secret pals if you are interested. Let me know and I will put in the secret pal list of birthdays (no years.) The cost is minimal to send a post card and if you want to send it to me in an envelope, and I’ll re-mail it from here.

Reunion Attendance

Please help us get an accurate account of who attends the reunion. We will have a sign up sheet and will need to have people sign in even if they come up for only a few hours. The list of people attending the 1997 reunion is not accurate as not everyone signed in so if your name is missing I apologize. I also thank Carol, Christine, Pam, Jane and the others who worked the attendance list sign up.

Ignacio & Phillip Maestas Paul, Denise, Andrea, & Adlyana Maestas
Domingo, Lauren & Ammorette Maestas Daryl, Cyndi, Justin & Joshua Brillhart
Lena & Ramon Zamora Sally Maestas
Matias, & Joan Maestas Lionore & Bercy Maestas
Irene Dianna Nuñez Rudy Martinez
Christy Maestas Joaquin Maestas
Annette, Marissa, Mario, Adam, Mariah, & Jacqueline Maestas Darrin J Herrera
Jamie Ulibarri Armanda R. Jaramillo (Jamies’s friend)
Yvette Chavez Jeff, Diana, Krystal, & Ashley Maestas
Cassandra & Dannette Maestas Cresencia & Dan Jaramillo
Shalon, & Paul (III) Jaramillo Guy & Jo Rosbough
Phyllis Diemer Elias Valdez
Tim Valdez & Julie Olsen, Elena & Juliana Olsen-Valdez Terry & Tereasa MacDonald (grandchildren Mike & Nicole)
Carole St John, Adam, Ryan, Nina Sam, Angie & Dominic Vasquez
Stella Vasquez Chris, Yvonne, Maria, Gabriela Chacon
Joe & Opal Maestas Mac & Shawn Daly
Judi, Dennis, Leah & Patrick Heher Betsy Cornwell
Daniel & Jordan Craig Christine & Dick Taylor
Darren, Shelley, Reshaun & Derian Craig Robert, Sid, Cody & Casey Craig
Fidel & Lulu Valdez Mike, Fabiola, Sara, Antonio, & Bianca Esposito
Elizabeth Valdez, Harvey Bordette, Rosalie & David Mina Valdez, Tobias, Zack, Lorren Montgomery
Barbara, Amanda, Candace, & Austin Holmes Jerry & Evette Chavez (friends)
Pam, Eric & Adrienne Maestas Aaron Duran (friend)
Paul H. Baez (Elias Valdez’s brother-in-law) Donnie, Alec & Malary Romero
Lorraine & James Maestas (Malary Romero’s parents) Eloy & Cleo Maestas (Malary Romero’s aunt & uncle)
Sam, Gwen & Cruz Chavez David, Samantha, Chasity, Kelly & Beverly Bonney
Fred, Jessica & Freddy Chavez Louie, Elsie, & Christopher Valdez
Robert Valdez & Anita Espinoza Jerry, Rosalie, Isac & Janele Valdez
Gerard, Jarrod & Rita Guzman (Rosalie’s sister) Cleo Valdez
Richard Valdez Ernie & Krist Trujillo & family
Josephine Alvarez Jeannne Bartholomew
Joe & JoAnn Madrid & family Martha & Sam Chavez
Lori, Christopher, Shawn, Temara & Ashley Barela James Maestas
Melvin Maestas & girl friend Connie Chavez Romero

Genealogical Information from Ignacio and Jose Maestas

My dad (Ignacio) and Uncle Joe claimed that their mother was one of twenty-four siblings but could only name the following. They said that their mother gave them that number. The middle column is married name and the right is spouses.

Siblings of Cirilio Maestas:

José Maestas   Marillita Medina
Catalina Arellano  
Marillita (Maria) Valdez  
Ramón (Zamora)   Juanita Medina
Felipa Lovato  
Cirilio   Cresencia Medina

Siblings of Crescencia Medina:

Andrés   Dulcina Mondragon
José de Gracia   Juanita Mondragon
José de la Luz    
Juanita   Ramón Zamora
Cresencia Maestas Cirilio Maestas
Marillita (Maria Eugenia Maestas José Maestas
Viatris (Beatris) Johnson  
Juanita D    
Maria Sesania (Sellania)   Silverio Mondragon