Happy Holidays

There are family members on the Medina – Mondragon side who claim and are researching the Jewish roots of our family so this greeting is all inclusive of holidays in November and December and January.

Genealogical Information

For those of you who want to work on Genealogy. Here are some good places to contact to get information about New Mexico. The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America (GSHA) is based out of Colorado and has five chapters affiliating with them. Nuestras Raices is their quarterly publication.
The Quarterly Journal of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico has good information. HGRC on the internet. http://www.hgrc-nm.org/
HGRC of New Mexico
1331 Juan Tabo N.E. Suite P #18
Albuquerque, N.M. 87112
$20.00 dues

One of the BEST places to get your genealogical information is from the Church of Latter Day Saints.
We also now have the Maestas Web site. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/2400/
(Webmmaster's Note: Obviously, this site is no longer working.)

E-Mail Addresses

We have a number of family members with E-mail address and so we thought we’d start a list. Here is what we have, let us know your address if you’d like to share it.

Secret Pal

Have you sent something to your secret primo? We only have a few months left before the reunion so get something out.

Family News


One of the areas I’d like to explore is our genetic family health. I know that both Cresencia and Cirilio Maestas had heart problems. My dad Ignacio had rheumatic heart fever as a child and as a result had an enlarged heart. He used to tell stories of riding on his sister Martha’s shoulder using her pigtails to let her know where he wanted to go. They would laugh about those days.
High cholesterol is an issue I deal with on a daily basis. It is real hard for me to follow a diet when I dearly love almost all kinds of foods.
Viola Medina (Moises & Flor Maestas’ daughter) underwent heart surgery to replace a defective valve. She is currently doing well but has to go from Holman to Albuquerque for expensive follow up as well as medication monitoring. Any one interested in helping defray cost for this expense can send money to Viola Medina P.O. Box 65 Holman, New Mexico 87723.

Would anyone in the family be interested in setting up a medical history data-base?
If so bring your information to the reunion and we will compile it there.

Start practicing your putting for the biannual Maestas Family Reunion Golf Tournament. The date will be Friday, July 9. While we won’t be giving away any cars this time, there will be fun prizes. Larry Maestas and Mac Daly are busy with the details. If you want to participate, contact either Mac (408-865-1837) Or Larry (760-252-0103 / work 1-800-5563-2006, ext. 6231) to reserve your spot.


Remember you can see the 1997 quilt at the reunion this summer.
If you did not get your square in last time you now have another chance. If you did get your square in now is the chance to try a new pattern. Josephine Rosbough has again agreed to work on the quilt. So come to the reunion with your square. The dimensions remain the same.

We are again looking at raffling it off. The proceeds will be used to pay for the quilting.

Remember we will be celebrating the holiday.
Bring your ornaments to exchange.
Bring one gift for each person in your family. They will then be exchanged. An example would be I would bring 1 adult male gift, l adult female gift, 1 teen boy gift, and 1 teen girl gift. They would be wrapped and labeled. This way everyone gets a gift. Gifts should be around $5.00 each. This is to be fun not expensive.

It has been proposed that we have Maestas Money to give out as prizes at the reunion. The money could then be used to purchase “prizes “ at the Maestas Store during the reunion. The money could be used as prizes for games and rewards for cleaning and helping around the camp. Adrienne (Pam’s daughter, Carlos & Lucille’s granddaughter, Matias & Rosarito’s Great-granddaughter) and her uncle Larry are willing to work on this if the family thinks it is a good idea. Let Larry know what you think.

The games committee did a real good job last reunion. We are looking forward to all new and old games.

Help - Help - Help
Who is on the food committee?

In the Fall ‘97 newsletter and the Fall ’98 newsletter we passed on the suggestion that we get some coffee cups—personalized—for the next reunion. Response to this idea was good. Adelita Craig has received only positive comments on the subject. There’s just one little catch—no one has come forward to coordinate this project. Adelita can’t do it. We need some of the other people who said at the reunion that there are only a few people who seem to do everything and someone else should be doing it. Now’s your chance, folks! We believe in equal opportunity volunteering. Let Adelita know if you are willing to do the job.

The dates for the 13th Maestas Family Reunion, will be July 8, 9, 10, & 11, 1999, at Los Alamitos. This is the second weekend in July, as is our normal practice.

Feel free to share this newsletter with anyone in the family who is not already receiving their own copy.

If you have received this newsletter from someone else in the family and you would like to have it sent directly to you, simply send an email to the telling me who you are and what your email address is. I will get you on the list for the next newsletter.

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