Maestas Reunion July 8, 9, 10 & 11, 1999

Los Alamitos, New Mexico



It is almost time again to make arrangements for the 1999 Maestas Reunion.We need to know how many people are coming so we can start up on the list for purchasing necessities. It is always nice to have enough food.We need to know how many people will be coming to plan games and see about prizes.Please contact Adelita Craig if you are planning to come.Her address was in the last issue but here it is again.606 S. 5th ST.Raton, New Mexico87740




Adelita has not heard from anyone about ordering cups for the reunion so we will look at buying disposable cups if we donít hear from a volunteer by June 1st.



Remember to bring your square for the quilt.The 1997 quilt will be available for all to see.The information was in the last newsletter.



If you plan to go golfing please contact Larry (760-252-07-103) or Mac (408-865-1?37).



Please let Matias Maestas (505-387-2673), or Lionor Maestas (505-387-††† )or Elias Valdez (505-387-†† ) know if you need a tent for the reunion.They all live in the valley.



If there is someone interested in putting the Maestas reunion calendar together please let Adelita Craig know.



Do we still have enough people living in the valley to have the Friday night meal donated?Please let Joan Maestas (505-387-2673) know if you will donate food.This way we will know if we need to buy food for that night.



Is there anyone interested in taking over the next newsletter?We need someone who is in contact with a large number of the relatives.



What do you think of organizing food preparation and clean up by family?Do we just pull in people to work or assign?Think about what you are willing to do.



We are saddened by the loss of Maggie Trujillo and Eddie Jaramillo.They will be missed.