The 14th Maestas Family Reunion was FUN!!!

We had a very good turn out.  (See who attended on the list of attendees.)  We had good weather with only minimal rain.  Our oldest member attending was Elias Valdez and our youngest was Cameron Maestas.  (See section on Oldest/Youngest for more information.)  A tribute to our deceased member was held on Sunday (See Tribute.)  OUR NEXT REUNION IS TO BE HELD FROM July 10, 2003 TO July 13, 2003.


Family Meeting Notes

Taken by Adelita M. Craig

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Elias called the meeting to order.

Discussion:  The tent was a great improvement.  Cost to purchase one would be $1,500.00; the problems would be storage and maintenance.   Matt Maestas checked out a grill to possibly purchase for the reunion.  He bought it for his personal use and graciously lent it to the reunion.  It was decided that the reunion funds would be used to pay for the propane used.  The following items are to be considered for possible purchase:  axe, chain saw, lanterns (battery type) for the food tent, trash containers, and a table for the food tent.

Reimbursement for reunion business was discussed.  Should people who have to travel for supplies etc. be reimbursed?  Some felt that all have contributed with no reimbursement and others feel that this should change.  This is to be discussed further, with people submitting requests for payment and the committee can decide. 

Anyone who can bring equipment such as tables, chairs, lanterns, coolers, etc. need to let the planning committee know they can help.  Please always label the personal items that you loan the reunion.

Assignment for meals and clean up will be done prior to the next reunion.  It will be set up by each meal with a lead person in charge.  One suggestion was that meal assignments be made by family groups.  Instructions in writing regarding each meal will be available.  It will be detailed by food and supplies to be used.  Clean up procedures will also be written up.

Fees are to remain the same as this year.  The suggestion was made that families attending only for one day be able to give a donation.  This will be discussed further at the next reunion. 

REMINDERS to pay fees or perhaps pay prior to the reunion will be emphasized. 

Schedules of events will be made and posted on a bulletin board centrally located.  There will always be flexibility for weather etc. 

Trash barrels will be available at various locations.  It will be everyone’s responsibility to replace bags when they are full.  We need to remember to clean up after ourselves.

Local family members were given permission to make decisions to change the location of the reunion if necessary, due to weather or other adverse conditions.

The possibility of erecting a pavilion-like building will be discussed with the property owners.  The Moya (Gerturde B. Cruz’s daughter) family will be contacted.



Christmas will continue to be our main celebration.  We will continue to have a $10.00 limit on gifts.  The children continue to have an exciting time in having a July Christmas gift given to them!  We will look at numbering the gifts, having participants draw numbers and this will eliminate delays in choosing a gift, as it was very hard for the kids to pick one from all the choices.  There will be no ornament exchange.


New for 2003 we will be having a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Annette Maestas and Paul Maestas will be coordinating this activity.  Let them know if you have ideas or want to help.  We will have a piñata and traditional Cinco de Mayo music as well as a little history on what the celebration is about, other than eating and dancing!  You can contact Paul at if you want to email suggestions.



Elizabeth Valdez, daughter of Lulu (Maestas) and Fidel Valdez, granddaughter of Adela (Branch) and Ignacio Maestas came the farthest with her family.  Harvey, David and Rosalie Bordett all hail from Simsbury, Connecticut.  The twins and Elizabeth then traveled to Albuquerque to visit relatives and spent two weeks in La Luz with Lulu and Fidel.



A moment of silence, for those who died since the last reunion, was taken on Sunday, July 15, 2001.  We sadly missed Florinda Maestas (Moises’s wife), Yolanda Maestas (daughter of Lionor & Predicanda, granddaughter of Matias & Rosarito), Adela B. Maestas (wife of Ignacio), Christella Maestas (daughter of C.D. & Vangie, granddaughter of Jose & Clodevea), Bennie Garcia (son of Con & Maria Nieves, grandson of Ramon & Juanita Zamora).  Also, Gertrude B. Cruz (sister of Adela B. Maestas) on whose property we hold the reunion.


Easter Celebration

Thanks to everyone who brought plastic eggs and filler.  The adults had a fantastic time in preparing the eggs.  The younger sets got to hunt for eggs by age.  Barbara Rose read an Easter story dressed as a bunny. Larry organized the teen-agers.  Every group had fun.



Elias Valdez, son of Seraida Maestas, was our oldest participant.  Elias lives in Holman and is an active member of the reunion committee, serving as a signer on the checking account when needed and facilitating our family meetings.  Our youngest member was Cameron Maestas, daughter of Mario and Anika, granddaughter of Annette and Benny Maestas, great-granddaughter of CD Maestas & Vangie Maestas, great -great-granddaughter of Jose & Clodovea Maestas.  Cameron is a May baby who lives in Española, N.M.  Gifts were a picture frame for the oldest and a pillow with pillowcases for every holiday.

MENU Catherine volunteered to work on the menu for the next reunion.  The only recommendation from cooks was that we do turkey instead of chicken.  Other recommendations were taco salad, frito pie.  If you have any ideas that are workable for a large group please contact Fabiola at  Catherine and Fabiola would appreciate any help or ideas.

                                       ONLY ONE CAMP FIRE TO BE THE RULE AGAIN                                      

It is imperative that we stick to the one campfire rule.  1.) We need to respect that this is private property that is being loaned to us; 2.) The last few years we have had to worry about fire bans; and 3.) People who have campfires tend to stay up late and if they are at the camping site they keep others up.  We will ask anyone that does not adhere to this to leave.  We also ask that people respect the boundaries of the property.  Anyone with the reunion should stay in the fenced area for camp, unless they have received permission to camp from the owners of the adjacent property. 



We need to thank the local people for a wonderful meal on Thursday night.  It is so exciting to eat all that tasty food and know that we have such talented cooks.  Thank you to all who helped set up the canopy.  A special thank you to Lionor and his crew for going up early and doing some cleaning of the area, etc.  Also for brining up items that he supplied that were forgotten.  Matt and Joan ran around getting us that fantastic canopy that shaded us from the sun and kept us dry.  They also lent us the grills.  And last, but probably the most appreciated, was the work in getting us the port-a-potties!!  Lori did a spectacular job in ordering food.  Cresencia and Dan did water runs; we would have been in big trouble without water.  Thanks to Pam for picking up gifts for the oldest member and the furthest member attending.  Martin Serna for bringing his horse for people to ride and his cousin Steve Velasquez for helping him.  Benny and Michael Maestas brought us some delicious apricots.  Lillian Sanchez for her coordination of Secret Primos.  Russell’s in Mora for being so cooperative with us in the last minute rolls order

Misc. News

§         Steven Jaramillo, son of Paul & Melanie, grandson of Cresencia & Dan was doing well at last report.  He had a broken wrist from his fall off the horse.  We are glad that other than miss a camp he planned to attend there were no other complications.  Steven made reunion history; he was our first major accident in the 14 reunions we have held.

§         Jordan Craig stayed with his dad Dan for another couple of weeks until he returned to Austin, Texas.  His grandparents are Adelita & Carlos Craig. 

§         Diana Nuñez is staying with her dad Lionor and his wife Bercy through September in Holman.

§         The letters from those unable to attend were enjoyed by all.  We will continue to do this at each reunion.  Please send something if you and your family cannot attend. 

§         This year we had fortune tortillas, miniature tortillas with dichos/saying in them.  It was fun reading and eating.

§         Elias shared the history and importance of having the family reunion.  This is something that will be done at each reunion to help keep our younger family members aware of how the reunion got started, etc.

§         Lulu & Fidel Valdez went to an International Knights of Columbus Convention in Toronto, Canada after visiting with their daughter Elizabeth & her family in Connecticut.

§         Adrienne (Pam Maestas’s daughter) went to cheerleader camp in San Diego after getting home from the reunion.

§         Ernest Maestas (grandson of Lionor) went to California with his uncle Frank and was spending time in Barstow.


Maestas Family Reunion Attendance List for 2001

Dela Foster

Jack & Jessie Humphrey

Valerie, Bruce, Gwen & Jane Nance

Elias Valdez

Tim, Julie, Elena, & Julianna Valdez

Lillian Sanchez

Larry Maestas

Tina Aragon (Friend of Larry)

Ignacio & Phillip Maestas

Demetrio Maestas

Fidel & Lulu Valdez

Mina Valdez

Tobias, Zack & Lörren Montgomery

*Kayla (friend of Tobias)

Elizabeth, Harvey, David & Rosalie Bordett

Carlos, Adelita, Rashaan & Derian Craig

Fabiola, Antoñio, Sally & Bianca Esposito

Jerry, Rosalie, Jenelle, Isaac Valdez

*Jennifer (friend of Jenelle)

Rhonda, Mike & Allison Valdez

Louie & Elsie Valdez

Robert & Christopher Valdez

Donnie, Malany, Alec, Noah, & Levi Romero

Katherine, Anthony, & Joshua Olguin

Dick & Christine Taylor

Daryl & Joshua Brillhart

Earl, Sophie, Ashlyn & Jamielee Chavez

Matt, Joan, Jonathan & Jordan Maestas

Lori, Ashley, Tamara, Christopher & Shawn Barela

*Angelica (friend of Ashley’s)

Dolly, Amorette, Pablo & Domingo Maestas

Lionor, Bercy & Ernest Maestas

Diane Nunez

Barbara & Randy Rose, Candice & Austin

Frank Maestas, Robert and Jason

Martha & Sam Chavez

Cresencia & Dan Jaramillo

Demetria & Salvador Sanchez

*Robert (friend of Salvador)

Melvin Maestas

*Carlos (friend of Melvin)

Freddy, Donna, Freddie Jr. & Donika Chavez

Paul, Melanie, Cresencia, Shaylynn & Steven Jaramillo

Andy, Marilyn, Jason, David & RaeAnn Maestas

Jacob Lealofi (friend of Jason)

Jeremy Newton (friend of Jason)

Renee, Marty, Andrés, & Antonio Maestas

Paul, Denise, Andrea, & Adryana Maestas

Randy & Randy J. Maestas

Pam, Adrienne & Eric Maestas

Jeff, Diane, Krystal & Ashley Maestas

Annette, Mariah, & Jacqueline Maestas

Marissa, Jesse & Darrin Herrera

Mario, Anika, & Cameron Maestas

Bennie & Michael Maestas

Steve & Evelyn Velasquez  & child  (Nephew of Lucille Maestas)

Martín Serna (Nephew of Lucille Maestas)

*Connie, BJ, Deandra & Denmaria

Samantha, Charity Kelley & Beverly Bonnie

Marie, Brianna, Johnny, Jessica & Andrea

Rosa & Tano Chavez (parents of Sam Chavez)

Moisés & Susie Maestas

James Maestas

Eloy, Cleo, Carlos Maestas (Malany Romero’s Parents)

Mabel & Dave Blackledge (aunt of Malany)


* needs last name.

Secret Primos

We will again participate in Secret Primos.  Remember who you have and if you forget Barbara Rose is our new keeper of the information.  She can be reached by email at:  Please try to send you special primo something at major occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. 


Barbara will be taking over the calendar.  She plans to have it out for 2002.  Designated family members will receive a calendar for corrections, additions, or deletions.  Please return them to Adelita as soon as possible, so that she can record them in the ledger.  She will then get them to Barbara.  Also please send us names (dates) of deceased member of each family, beginning with the children of Cirilo and Cresencia’s generation.  Cost for the calendar will be $6.00.  Those that had paid will receive a credit and only need to pay the difference.  In addition to birth dates please send addresses of children samples of address list will be sent with the calendar sample.


Elsie Valdez and Daryl Brilhart lost cameras.  Daryls’s camera was an Olympus 35 mm with a black case.  Elsie’s was also 35 mm.  A disposable camera was found, Adelita developed and has the pictures we think it is someone from Matias & Rosarito’s family.  Contact her if it is yours  Lillian Sanchez lost her blue umbrella. 


Treasurers Report

6-15-01                   Balance                                    $2,466.48


7-12-01                   Deposit & Interest                       172.27

                                Balance                                       2638.75


7-17-01                   Deposit                                        903.24

                                Balance                                       3541.99


Bills:                        Tent Rental                                  200.00

                                Port-a-Pots                                  250.00

Propane                                                          10.00

Russell’s                                                      642.98

Sam’s                                                           158.02

Wal-Mart (6 Totes)                                                       28.50

Total                                                          1289.50


Balance                                                    $2252.49