We welcome you to a spectacular New Year. Happy 2002.

The Reunion for 2003 will be July 10th to July 13th.


The 2001 reunion held its regular baseball game. Unfortunately the California crew brought in a group of scabs to play for all their AGING players. Due to this malfeasance the California crew was able to pull off a major upset and won the game. Teasing aside, the California crew played a good game and used their expertise to win. It was good to have two of Andy Maestasí sons make a reunion and not at one of the various tournaments they participated in with their love of sports.


We had five babies present at the 2001 reunion. The youngest was of course Kamryn Maestas (Dad Mario is the son of Annette, grandson of CD & Vangie (Roybal), great-grandson of Jose & Clodovea (Hurtado).) We also had the oldest baby Phillip Maestas (dad Ignacio is the son of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas.) Phillip was the first of the Maestas Reunion babies. Also present were Tobias & Zachary Montgomery (mom Mina Valdez is the daughter of Fidel & Lulu (Maestas) Valdez, granddaughter of Ignacio & Adela (Branch) Maestas. RaeAnn Maestas was there also; she is the daughter of Andy & Marilyn, granddaughter of Carlos & Lucille (Olivas), great-granddaughter of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas.)

FYI here are the stats on Maestas BABIES:

Baby Family Year
Phillip Ignacio-Matias 1975
Melvin Moises-Moises 1977
Stacey David-David-Matias 1979
Jennifer Schreiner Margie-Christine-Jose 1981
Tobias Montgomery Mina-Lulu-Ignacio 1983
Zachary Montgomery Mina-Lulu-Ignacio 1985
Loren Herbert-C.D.-Jose 1987
RaeAnn Andy-Carlos-Matias 1989
Mariah Annette-C.D.-Jose 1991
Brianna Trujillo Gina-Marie-Cleo-Matias 1993
Dandra Romero Connie-Martha-Moises 1995
Cresencia Craig Robert-Adelita-Ignacio 1997
Tyler Knight Lisa-Carol-Christine-Jose 1999
Kamryn Mario-Annette-C.D.-Jose 2001


On January 12, 2002, Shalon Jaramillo, daughter of Paul & Melanie, granddaughter of Dan & Cresencia (Maestas) Jaramillo, great-granddaughter of Moises & Flor (Trujillo) Maestas married Zack D. Jones in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her aunt Belinda Jaramillo and cousins Andrew and Arron came from Arizona. Her great uncle Ramon and his wife Addie came from Albuquerque, NM to be with the family. Larry, son of Carlos & Lucille (Olivas), grandson of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas also attended. Larry is living in the San Fernando Valley. Antonio Esposito came down from Fort Collins for the wedding. He drove his mother Fabiola (Maestas) and sister Bianca.


Lionor (son of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas) & his wife Bercie spent Christmas in Barstow, California visiting Lionorís children. Lionorís grandson Ernest (son of Yolanda) also went with them.

Vangie went to Virginia to spend time with her son Rick and his family. Rick, Monica, Erin, Kaylyn, Steven & Lauren got to enjoy New Mexico type cooking for a few weeks. Her son Herbert & grandson Pablo and Elias Valdez (son of Serida Maestas) also went east.

Dan & Cresencia Jaramillo, who live in Holman, NM, went to Colorado Springs, Colorado to visit their sonís family for Thanksgiving and to Arizona to visit their daughterís family.

Fidel & Lulu (Maestas) Valdez went to Connecticut to visit their daughter Elizabeth and her family over the Christmas holiday.

Jordan Craig came from Austin, Texas to visit his dad Daniel in Santa Fe, NM over the Christmas vacation. His grandparents Carlos & Adelita (Maestas) Craig went from Raton NM to Santa Fe to see him. His cousins Rashaan and Derian (Darrenís children) Craig also went with their grandparents to see him.


Robert and Sid (Murdock) Craig had a baby girl, McKenna, on September 19, 2001. Carlos & Adelita (Maestas) Craig went to Utah to visit their grandchild.


Carlos Craig, husband of Adelita (Maestas), had surgery on his shoulder. He is doing real well and is slowly getting his ability to rotate the shoulder back. He has acquired a new middle name, PATIENCE!

Sally (wife of David, daughter-in-law of Matias & Rosarito) has had a slight stroke. She is doing better and is home. She is still in therapy from her previous health problems. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Joan (Markam) wife of Matias Maestas had surgery in November.

Our sympathies to the family of Barbara and Randy Rose on the death of his son.


Donít forget your Secret Primos. If you have lost the information for your Primo contact


I downloaded information that Larry Maestas sent and lost the information in the process of updating this newsletter. I want to apologize for any information that is missing or incorrect.