Maestas Family Reunion Notes

June 2004

Happy Summer Everyone

Over the Memorial Day Week end it was fun to go to New Mexico. We didn't make it to graduation but did get to see some of the Mora graduates. Ernest (son of Yolanda, grandson of Lionor, great-grandson of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas had family come from Barstow to celebrate with him. Ernest has excelled in sport and is planning to go back to Barstow this fall to college. Bercie (Lionor's wife) had a house full of step children as Anna Saiz (husband John), Barbara (Candace & Austin) and Diana all were visiting.

Chasity Bonney (daughter of Samantha, granddaughter of Sam & Martha (Maestas) Chavez and great granddaughter of Moises & Flor (Trujillo) Maestas had her graduation party Sunday afternoon at the VFW. Joaquin Manuel (son of Christy, grandson of Cirilio and great grandson of Jose) was part of the band entertaining. All of Sam & Martha's children were in attendance.

Ashley Barela (daughter of Lori Maestas, granddaughter of Matias & Joan (Markham), great granddaughter of Matias Maestas had her party the previous week end. Matt & Joan had taken the twins Jonathan and Jordan to a tournament in Albuquerque.

Amorette (daughter of Herbert, grand daughter of Cirilio (Vangie) great grand daughter of Jose & Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas. She was class valedictorian.

Barbara (Maestas) Rose received her Associates Degree in Human Resource. She is the daughter of Lionor & Predicanda (Trujillo), Granddaughter of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas.

David son of Marilyn and Andy Maestas, grandson of Carlos & Lucille, great-grandson of Matias and Rosarito graduated from High School in Barstow.

Alex son of John & Anna Saiz, grandson of Lionor & Predicanda, great-grandson of Matias & Rosarito also graduated this spring from high school in Barstow.

Lulu and Fidel became Great grandparents with Ryhmie being born June 13th. She is the daughter of Tobias Montgomery and Twila Smith. Tobias is Fidencia (Mina)Valdez's son.

Paul, Melanie & Steven Jaramillo visited from Colorado Springs with Cresencia (Maestas) and Dan over the Memorial Day week end.

Vangie Maestas had a house full of grandchildren. Paul and Denise's daughters, Andrea and Adrianna were spending the week. Annette & Kenny's daughter Jackie as well as Herbertís sons Domingo & Jason were there. Also there was great grandson Darrin Herrera (Marissa (Maestas) & Jessie son, grandson of Annette.

The work being done on Stella (Maestas) Vasquez's house looks really good. Stella is the daughter of Jose & Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas.

Please remember your secret primo. If you have not sent anything lately send a Fourth of July Card. If you have lost information please contact Barbara Rose at:

Rick (CD & Vangie's son) is coaching his daughter Kaylyn's 14 and under fastpitch travel softball team and if they want to see where we are playing or how we are doing they can visit our web page at

George Maestas (Sally & Davidís son, Matias & Rosaritoís grandson) had cataract surgery on his left eye. He was also hospitalized for a couple of days with a virus.

Delma wife of Filimon Maestas (son of Matias & Rosarito) underwent surgery recently.

Darla (Maestas) Livingston, daughter of Mable & Fermin, granddaughter of Matias & Rosarito had back surgery in June.

Lorraine Bernal had a son. She is the daughter of Dornella, granddaughter of Carlos & Lucille, great-granddaughter of Matias and Rosarito.

Filimon & Delma have moved into their new home. Their son Bobby bought their old home. Filimon is the son of Matias & Rosarito Maestas.

CD (son of Jose & Clodovea) Maestas has been volunteering at Menaul High School in Albuquerque. He lives in Santa Fe.

Elias Valdez (son of Seriada Maestas Sanchez) met his son and family (Tim, Julie and the daughters) in Seattle. Elias continues to live in Holman.

Below are pictures of the headstones that Cresencia Jaramillo purchased for Cirilio, Cresencia and Lionor Maestas as was agreed upon at the family reunion. Thank you to Cresencia for taking the responsibility of getting the head stones.

I added these two pictures just for the fun of it.

SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER. Keep healthy.
Here are things I omitted! Sorry and please don't let this stop you from sharing family news. Barbara's email address is: Eva Lorraine Baca Daughter of Sophie (Zamora) & Eloy Baca, granddaughter of Ramon (Maestas or Zamora brother to Cirilio)& Juanita (Medina sister to Cresencia) is temporarily living in San Francisco she went to her daughter Marie's graduation (She now has a PhD) in June and is staying until September while her house is being build in Escondido. She was in Boston in February staying with her brother Ron and his wife Kathy. Kathy had broken her shoulder and Lorraine went to be with them.