April, 2005 Newsletter


Family Updates:

  • The reunion is just around the corner - July will be here before we know it. With the price of gas, especially in California, we need to start saving. Remember, the reunion will be held July 7, 8, 9 & 10th. Price to attend the reunion is the same from last year.

  • PLEASE LET ADELITA KNOW IF YOU WILL BE ATTENDING. SHE CAN BE REACHED AT 505-445-0833 OR CRAIGCJADELITA@BACAVALLEY.COM or 606 S. 5th Raton, NM 87740. We need to know if the economy will affect our numbers this year.

  • Matt has said he will make the arrangement for the canopy and porta-potties. He will need people to work on the road and bridge and to help set up. Please contact him at 505-387-2673 to volunteer.

  • Matt (wife, Joan) had surgery in Albuquerque for his gall bladder and is now at home. He spent Easter with family celebrating his birthday. They were also celebrating the christening of his great grand son Victor Joaquin Montoya (8-8-2004) son of Ashley, grandson of Lori. During the Thanksgiving vacation they had another great grandson with them; Andy's daughter Dannette had her son Damien Jones Sells visiting in La Cordillera.

  • Bercie (Lionor's wife) had surgery in Taos and is now back home in Holman.

  • Mabel (Fermin's wife) is undergoing treatment.

  • Andy (Matt & Joan's son) has moved to Albuquerque from San Diego with his family.

  • Adelina Foster had surgery.

  • Bianca Esposito & Jerry Valdez served on the same jury together!

  • Cresencia (Cressy) Jaramillo, daughter of Paul and Melanie, granddaughter of Dan & Cresencia (Maestas) Jaramillo, married Jacob Ainsworth and they moved to Nashville, TN.

  • Lawrence and Kate Maestas are the proud parents of Jason and Faith, born 1-14-05. Sister-Marrisa was one of the youngest babies at the last reunion. Lawrence is the son of Ramon and Addie, grandson of Moises & Flor.

  • The following is a request from Jeff--- “We need prizes for the kids games we will be having at the reunion and I would like to get the word out to everyone to stop by a 99 cent store and pick up a prize (toys, markers, crayons, dolls, games, etc.) whenever you go shopping, only if you can afford it, nothing expensive, just a few items each, and bring them to the reunion so the kids will be able to pick a prize when they win a game and they can also be used as prizes for bingo.”

  • Please remember your secret pal. There are family members who have not received anything.

  • We have "weak links"-- please help us spread the word to family. If you have access to family members in Uncle Abenicio's or Aunt Demetria"s etc. families, please pass the information on.

  • We had agreed to keep our menu the same.

  • We also need Christmas presents for the kids under 18 years old.

  • If you are not able to attend the reunion -- Please send us a family update, pictures, etc. Even if you are going to attend, bring the pictures to share at the reunion. Adelita would like to have an address book compiled by July, so please send your family addresses (and as much as you want to share, phone #’s, email address, etc) as soon as possible.

  • Adelita also needs 365 “messages” for a calendar. This may be a favorite saying, favorite scripture, or personal message, whatever may fit on a 3x5 card. You may pick a special day, first to arrive will get the date picked, and after that she will fill in starting with January.

  • You may have noticed the other link on the home page--"Address Book". This link doesn't work yet, but it should be working shortly. I work on this in spare time, rather than on a rigid schedule. I intend to have a complete database--you can click on a name and have all the data for that person displayed. Correcting information is also being considered--I'm not sure just how I want to handle updates, because the site is open to anyone right now and anyone could be malicious and try to sabotage the site. Possibly, you will be able to make changes, but then the changes get e-mailed to me rather than being applied to the database immediately.