Family Notes
Diana Maestas had surgery
Dan & Crescencia Jaramillo visiting
Annette Maestas in Raton
Robert Craig in Iraq
Rick Maestas working temp in Oregon
Earl Chavez got his elk
Craigs & Valdezes in Branson
Antonio Esposito got his deer
Matt & Joan Maestas in Optic
Darren Craig married
Indiana Humphreys & Nances OK after tornado
Ernest joins the Navy
Mario Maestas’ new son
Barbara Rose elected!
Joe & Opal Maestas Family traveling
A note from Pam Maestas

Lost & Found

Reunion Attendees

Secret Primos

General Meeting Notes

Treasurer's Report

Cemetery Fund Report

Picture CD of Reunion Available

Softball Game Report

Family News Notes

Diana Maestas, daughter of Lionor & Predicanda (Trujillo) Maestas, granddaughter of Matias and Rosarito (Abreau) Maestas, had gall bladder surgery October 19. She is recuperating.

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Dan & Cresencia (Maestas) Jaramillo of Holman, NM were in Colorado Springs the weekend of October 23 to see their grandson Steven at his High School Band competition.

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Annette Maestas (Maestas) of Española, NM, daughter of CD Maestas & Vangie (Roybal) Maestas; granddaughter of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas, is working for a month at the Raton, NM, filling in for the postmaster there.

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US Army Capt. Robert Craig, son of Carlos and Adelita (Maestas) Craig, is in Mosul, Iraq until August 2006. His address is
               CPT Robert Craig
               HHC/4-23 IN
               APO AE 09319
if you would like to send him good wishes. The picture is a recent one of Rob with a former student from Raton, Capt. Joe Michaels. Click here to read the article about Rob and Capt. Michaels in the Raton Range.

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Rick Maestas, son of CD Maestas & Vangie (Roybal) Maestas, grandson of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas, was in Portland, Oregon for his job; he returned home to Manassas, Maryland.

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Earl Chavez, son of Sam & Martha Chavez, grandson of Moises & Flor (Trujillo) Maestas did well this hunting season in New Mexico. He got an Elk.

Adelita (Maestas) & Carlos Craig went with Lulu (Maestas) & Fidel Valdez to Branson, Missouri in September. The women are the daughters of Ignacio & Adela (Branch) Maestas. Ask Carlos to see the video of him on stage.

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Antonio Esposito, son of Mike and Fabiola (Maestas) Esposito, got a deer this hunting season. He went to Craig, Colorado to hunt.

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A picture of Matt & Joan (Markham) Maestas was featured on the front page of the Optic Mora Section of the September 9-11-2005 week-end edition. The article was about Joan’s Chokecherry jelly making. Matt is the son of Matias who was raised by Jose & Clodovea (Hurtado) when his mother Sesarita (Cruz) passed away.

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Darren Craig, son of Carlos and Adelita (Maestas) Craig, married Haley Kuchan at a friend’s house in Raton, NM on Aug. 6, 2005.

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Jessie (Valdez) & Jack Humphries, their daughter Valerie (Humphries) & her husband Bruce Nance are safe after the tornados that killed 22 in Indiana landed blocks away from their homes. Jessie is the daughter of Seriada Maestas

Ernest Maestas, son of Yolanda Maestas, grandson of Lionor & Predicanda (Trujillo) Maestas, great grandson of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas has joined the US Navy.

New addition to the family is Landen Joseph, son of Mario Maestas & Eldeanna Sandoval. Mario is the son of Annette Maestas (& Bennie Maestas), grandson of CD Maestas & Vangie Maestas, great grandson of Jose & Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas.

From Barbara Rose, daughter of Lionor & Predicanda (Trujillo) Maestas) granddaughter of Matias & Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas:

I wanted to share my good news. I ran for the Barstow Unified School District School Board and won with almost 45% of the total vote! (My nearest challenger had less than 38%.)

On a sadder note, please keep the Hayes family in your prayers. My sister Josephine's ex-husband, James Fred Hayes (48 years old), was killed in Iraq this past Friday [Nov. 4, 2005]. He left behind a wife and five children. He served in the Army for 22 years and was stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. His sisters, brother, and first child Cindi live here in Barstow.

Joe & Opal Maestas Family

A note from Betsy Cornwell:

Chuck and I were busy with changing jobs and moving. Chuck earned a promotion with the postal service and is now the postmaster of Steep Falls, Maine. I am teaching special education at Gray-New Gloucester High School. We have bought a house in Standish which is halfway between our two jobs. My mom and dad (Opal and Joe Maestas) came to visit just a week after we moved in. That was a wonderful gift. As you probably know, Mom has been ill for a long time and I thought she would never be able to make the trip from California to Maine again. This past year she has been in a wonderful remission so here they came! We had a wonderful visit.

Maria has moved as well. She's still in Austin TX and enjoying herself very much.

A note from Pam Maestas Hill, daughter of Carlos and Lucille (Olivas) Maestas, granddaughter of Matias and Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas:

Hi there everyone, We hope that all of you have a wonderful day with all of your loved ones. We will be hosting dinner here for both Mike's and my friends and family. This year my Aunt Sophie from N.M. her daughter Sharon, son-in-law Britton and their two kids from Texas will be here in Barstow. We are looking forward to the feast and company. Well again Happy Thanksgiving and please remember to say a prayer for the troops. Love you all. Pam and Mike

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LOST & FOUND: The following items were found, if they are yours please let Ta know:

  • A battery lantern
  • pressure cooker (one handle missing)
  • Wilson pan

Reunion Attendees

Sam Vasquez Stella Vasquez
Matt Maestas Joan Maestas
Sammy Chavez Martha Chavez
Beverly Bonney Fredrick Chavez
Tim Valdez Julie Valdez
Elena Valdez Julianna Valdez
Isabella Valdez Tamara Barela
Chirstopher Barela Shawn Barela
Fabiola Esposito Mike Esposito
Bianca Esposito Richard Taylor
Christine Taylor Anthony Gallegos
Paul Maestas Denise Maestas
Andrea Maestas Adrianna Maestas
Richard Maestas Lauren Maestas
Stephen Maestas Kaylyn Maestas
Sally Maestas Matt Maestas
George Maestas Annie Weitz
Nini Weitz (friends of George Maestas) Annette Maestas
Kenny Maestas Mariah Maestas
Jacqueline Maestas Jesse Herrera
Marissa Herrera Darrin Herrera
Anissa Herrera Diane Maestas
Bercie Maestas Della Foster
Dan Jaramillo Cresencia Jaramillo
Kenny Maestas Marissa Maestas
Larry Maestas Joaquin Manuel Maestas
Lorinda Manuel Maestas Luzia Manuel Maestas
Joaquin Maestas Jr. Dan Craig
Jordan Craig Lydia Scklor
Bob Hudson (Jordan Craig’s grandfather) Wilma Hudson (Jordan Craig’s grandmother)
Faith Hudson (Jordan Craig’s aunt) Amorette Maestas
Pablito Maestas Domingo Maestas
Jason Maestas René Maestas
Jordan Maestas Jonathan Maestas
Andres Maestas Antonio Maestas
Mathew Martinez(friend of Jordan and Jonathan Maestas) Santiago Duran (friend of Jordan & Jonathan Maestas)
Santiago Armijo (friend of Jordan & Jonathan Maestas) Randy Maestas Jr
Laura girlfriend of Randy Darren Craig
Hayley Craig Rashaan Craig
Derian Craig Adelita Craig
Carlos Craig Pam Hill
Mike Hill Debbie Hill
Eric Hill Elias Valdez
Donnie Romero Malany Romero
Noah Romero Alec Romero
Levi Romero Mike Valdez
Rhonda Valdez Allyson Valdez
Jeff Maestas Diane Maestas
Ashley Maestas Crystal Maestas
David Maestas Laura Maestas
Louie Valdez Elsie Valdez
Robert Valdez Christopher Valdez
Sarah Valdez Sara Sally Esposito
Brian Viduya Antonio Esposito
Jennifer Van Ort Paul Jaramillo
Melanie Jaramillo Steven Jaramillo
Jerry Valdez Rosalie Valdez
Janelle Valdez Issac Valdez,
Daniel boyfriend of Janelle Tudie Bryan
Greg Bryan Ignacio Maestas
Amanda Moore (friend of Tamara) Fidel Valdez
Lulu Valdez Kathrine Olquin
Anthony Olguin Joshua Olguin
Barbara Rose Candace Rose
Austin Rose Johnny Serna
Rose Serna Duncan Serna
Ian Serna Ahlen Serna
Filimon Maestas Delma Maestas
Kristy Trujillo Ernie Trujillo
Kristin Trujillo Andrew Elijah
Richard Valdez Cleo Valdez
Marie Trujillo Johnny Valdez
Jessica Valdez Ruth Fort
Andrea Valdez Bryanna Trujillo
Dominic Valdez Daniel Valdez
Rosa Chavez Tano Chavez
Jo Alvarez Lorraine Watkin
Jeanne Bartholomew Jason Alvarez-Greeley
Dane Ochoa Eutimia Sanchez
Jerry Cruz Sofie Serna
Michael Serna

Secret Primos

If you are not going to participate with secret primos, please let Barbara Rose know and your secret pal can be reassigned to someone else. There are a few of us willing to take on an extra person.

16th Maestas Reunion General Meeting notes

  • There were 161 participants, coming from New Mexico, California, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.
  • The oldest family member attending was Stella Maestas Vasquez daughter of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas and the youngest was her great grandnephew Joaquin Jr. son of Joaquin and Lorinda, son of Christy Maestas and Joe Manuel, grandson of C.D. Maestas and Vangie Maestas, great grandson of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas.
  • It was agreed upon to continue to have the reunion held from Thursday thru Sunday.
  • It was decided to increase the number of port-a-pots to 4 for the next reunion.
  • We will continue to rent the tent that is a canopy and also a 2nd one if necessary.
  • A discussion was held regarding table and chair rentals or bring personal (mark items if you bring them)
  • The bridge responsibility was discussed and because it is a private structure the valley committee will check on it.
  • There is a WEB SITE that family members can access to see pictures and get updates:
    (Obviously--you've already found that out!)
  • It was agreed that Easter would be celebrated in 2007.
  • Dogs will be restricted during meal preparation and serving.
  • The Menu was discussed: Each family is to make suggestions by mail or e-mail with the buyer(s) to make the final decisions.
  • It was decided to purchase a 50 gal drum for drinking water. Antonio and Matt will do this.
  • To participate in Secret Pal activities the participants must be 18 years old.
  • The fees will remain the same.
  • Everyone to needs help to set up and clean up.
  • We will continue to mail newsletter by USPS for those without e-mail.
  • The current balance in the reunion account as of 10-23-05 is $823.42

Treasurer’s Report

               Starting balance:          $1289.71
                   Port-a-pots/tents       -465.00
                   Supplies, food, etc.    -375.00
                   Presents/stamps, etc.    -94.00
                   Food from Russells      -828.00
                   Deposit 7 11-2005       1144.12
                This includes the cemetery monies.

Cemetery Headstone Fund

As of 3/24/2004

Account Transactions

     Date      Payee                           Category      Amount   Running Balance
      Opening Balance                                                           $0.00
Month Ending 7/31/2003
   7/13/2003   Elias Valdez                    Donation      $30.00            $30.00
   7/13/2003   Barbara Rose                    Donation      $10.00            $40.00
   7/15/2003   Elizabeth Valdez                Donation      $25.00            $65.00
Total Month Ending 7/31/2003      $65.00

Month Ending 8/31/2003
   8/30/2003   Adelita Craig                   Donation      $30.00            $95.00
   8/30/2003   Adelita Craig                   Donation      $25.00           $120.00
Total Month Ending 8/31/2003      $55.00

Month Ending 9/30/2003
   9/4/2003   Stella Vasquez                   Donation      $15.00           $135.00
   9/8/2003   Moises/Florinda Maestas Family   Donation     $100.00           $235.00
   9/9/2003   New Mexico Monument Company      Head Stones -$235.00             $0.00
Total Month Ending 9/30/2003    -$120.00

Month Ending 10/31/2003
  10/3/2003   Adelita Craig                    Donation      $20.00            $20.00
  10/3/2003   Fabiola Esposito                 Donation      $20.00            $40.00
  10/3/2003   Misc. Change                     Donation       $0.81            $40.81
  10/23/2003   Daryl & Joshua Brillhart        Donation      $15.00            $55.81
  10/29/2003   Bruce & Valerie Nance           Donation      $25.00            $80.81
  10/30/2003   Betsy M./Chuck & Maria Cornwell Donation     $100.00           $180.81
Total Month Ending 10/31/2003    $180.81

Month Ending 11/30/2003
  11/12/2003   Dan Craig                       Donation       $5.00           $185.81
  11/29/2003   Antonio Esposito                Donation      $25.00           $210.81
Total Month Ending 10/31/2003     $30.00

Month Ending 12/31/2003
  12/5/2003   Christine Taylor                 Donation      $25.00           $235.81
  12/23/2003   Jack & Jesse Humphrey           Donation     $100.00           $335.81
Total Month Ending 12/31/2003    $125.00

Month Ending 1/31/2004
   1/9/2004   Darren Craig                     Donation      $10.00           $345.81
Total Month Ending 1/31/2004      $10.00

Month Ending 3/31/2004
   3/24/2004   Concrete Mix                    Head Stones -$244.81           $101.00
   3/24/2004   Hacienda Home Centers           Concrete mix  -$6.38            $94.62
Total Month Ending 3/31/2004    -$251.19

      Final Balance                                                            $94.62

Reunion Pictures Available

We took a lot of pictures of the Reunion (over 600) and, for anyone who wants a copy of them, we can make a CD with all the pictures. We anticipate getting shareable software that will run from a CD and create a slide show; until that happens, however, only the pictures will be available on the CD. The only cost for this will be for materials and postage, on the order of $1 - $2 per CD. Write Mike Esposito at for more information.

The softball score is in!

For those who haven’t yet heard, the softball game pitted Colorado family members against everyone else. The final score: COLORADO 24 --- the World 14! See a slide show of the game at