Christmas, 2005 Family Update

  Sally Maestas (wife of David) passed a way on December 11, 2005. Her services were on Friday December 16, in Barstow. She will be sorely missed. Thank God for the memories. Sally Maestas; a poor picture but it's all we have right now.  
  Lulu (Maestas) & Fidel Valdez went to spend Christmas in Connecticut with their daughter EA and her family, Harvey, David & Rosalie Bordett. Fidel went into the hospital on Friday, December 16 and Lulu on Saturday the 17th. They both had pneumonia. Fidel is currently in the ICU & Lulu is back at the Bordett’s. Fidel IS expected to recover.

UPDATE: As of Jan. 3, 2006, Fidel is OUT of the ICU. He still has a "secondary infection" which is keeping him in the hospital. When that is taken care of, the doctors will "probably" discharge him so he can go to Elizabeth and Harvey's house, but Fidel and Lulu will not be going back to New Mexico for at least 2 weeks after Fidel's discharge from the hospital (and I'm sure they're itching to get back-- golfing weather in NM is better than in Connecticut)!
  The Craig’s had all of their grandchildren together on December 10; Cody, Casey, McKenna and Steven from Alaska; Jordan from Santa Fe; Rashaan, Derian, Cole, Alexi, Hannah from Raton. Sidney with children arrived from Alaska on 12-7-05. Dan & Lydia came from Santa Fe for the weekend. Darren and Hayley came across town in Raton. They all ended up with strep throat. Talk about sharing. The Esposito’s joined them on the 10th, 11th and 12th. Mike, Fabiola, Bianca, Antonio, Jenn, Sally & Brian came from Colorado and are healthy. Lulu and Fidel Valdez came the 12th and left the 13th.  
  Herbert and Pablo Maestas spent Christmas in New Mexico.    
  On Christmas night in front of the family Antonio Esposito proposed to Jenn. She accepted.
(Yes, that IS a ring in his hand!) Click on the picture to expand it--THEN you can see the ring!)

They haven't set a date yet (it won't be soon) but they are looking for a house in the Loveland, CO area. Jenn needs a place to live since she is back from Alaska and has started working as a Larimer County Sheriff's Deputy.
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  Dan & Cresencia Jaramillo were in Miami, Florida for the wedding of their grandson, Paul. More information in the next newsletter so check out the Valentine’s newsletter.  
  Audrey Anna Gonzales was born on October 18. She is Anabelle & Cesar Gonzales daughter.    
  The Weather in NM and Colorado has been unseasonably warm. No White Christmas. It's the day after Christmas and the high was in the mid-60's!  

December has been a long month

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