Happy New Year!!!

(...only a little bit late)

The next reunion is right around the corner. If you have not asked for vacation now is the time to do so. The reunion will be held at Los Alamitos (NM) July 12 through July 15, 2007. Please RSVP to so that we can plan accordingly.

The Sad News

All the news has not been very rosy. There have been many losses in the past almost 2 years since our last reunion. On January 14, 2007, Sara (Espinar) Mendivil, daughter of Demetria (Maestas) Espinar, passed away from complications from diabetes. She is survived by her husband Trini, 2 sons Russell and Richard, daughter Demetria, and sister Minnie (Espinar) James. Minnie had been with her the night before she died.

Elias Valdez died November 19, 2006, of exposure, apparently dis-oriented, after driving up Holman Hill and getting stuck on one of the side roads off the highway. A memorial service was held at Menaul School on Sunday, December 31, 2006. Because of the inclement weather, the service was postponed from the previous day, and many family members were not able to get to Albuquerque for the service. Elias' obituary can be found here.

Kathy Baca, wife of Ron Baca, descended from the Zamora branch of the family, died September 13, 2006. She is survived by her husband Ron and 2 children, Alicia and Carlo. Kathy's obituary can be found here.

Adela (Valdez) Foster passed away April 2, 2006 at home in Maquon, Illinois. She is survived by her husband Rollie, her son Terry and daughters Ruth, Marcia, and Vicki and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her obituary can be found here.

The Weather

The bad weather that forced postponement of Elias’ memorial service in Albuquerque was continuing to be a problem all over the region 2 weeks later.

Jimmy Maestas (Fermin and Mabel’s son, grandson of Matias and Rosarito) was on the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming for work and had to spend some time in Raton due to the inclement weather.

Believe it or not, Pam and Mike Hill (Carlos and Lucille’s daughter) had frozen pipes in their house…in Barstow. That’s pretty cold.

Dan and Cresencia Jaramillo (Moises and Flor’s daughter) were snowed in at their home in Holman. They have a beautiful home but the road to it is pretty steep!

Dan Craig (son of Adelita [Maestas] and Carlos) had to shovel 2 feet of snow off his flat roof in Santa Fe at the end of December. He’s probably going to be doing a lot more of that, and soon!

Jesse and Jack Humphrey (Seraida’s daughter) are looking forward to coming for the reunion in July. They were in New Mexico for Elias’ memorial service, then ended up missing it because they couldn’t change their flight out of Albuquerque the morning of the service, since the service had been postponed.

The Health Report

Mabel Maestas (Fermin’s wife, daughter-in-law of Matias & Rosarito) is doing well. She has been sick.

Cleo Valdez (Matias Sr.’s daughter) had cancer but is doing well at this time.

Viola (daughter of Moises and Florinda) is doing well after surgery.

Robin (daughter of Elias and Mickey, granddaughter of Seraida) is doing well after surgery.

Armed Forces

Rob Craig returned from a 16 month deployment to Iraq on November 27, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Sort of by chance, Carlos and Adelita were already in Alaska visiting Sid and the kids for Thanksgiving, so they were on hand to help welcome Rob home. Rob was originally due back from Iraq in August, then was extended for 4 months and had been expected back in the beginning of December, so Ta and Carlos were lucky to see him. Rob and Sid have learned that their next duty station will be Ft. Benning, Georgia. They will be leaving Anchorage, Alaska and Ft. Richardson in time to be at Ft. Benning by June 1, 2007.

As reported earlier by Barbara Rose, Ernest Maestas, in the Navy, is stationed in Guam but was deployed on temporary duty (for up to 6 months) to the Persian Gulf to help protect oil platforms there.

Aaron Powell (son of Belinda Jaramillo, grandson of Dan & Cresencia Jaramillo) is stationed at Ft. Bragg, N. Carolina at this time.

On the Move

Frank and Connie Maestas (Lionor & Preddy’s son, grandson of Matias and Rosarito) are moving to San Diego.

Paul and Melanie Jaramillo (Dan & Cresencia’s son, grandson of Moises & Flor) built a new house on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. (new address and phone number removed.)

Pablo Maestas (Bert’s son, grandson of CD and Vangie Maestas, great-grandson of José & Clodovea) has gone off to school in California. (Bert gets to stay home in Colorado and pay for it.)

Cresencia (Paul and Melanie’s daughter) has moved back to Colorado Springs.

Everything Else

(this was taken from the newsletter put together for last Feb/Mar, but never sent out)

Paul Jaramillo II married Erica Rosenthal in Miami, before embarking on a 5-day Caribbean cruise. The families of both the bride and groom went along. Dan and Cresencia Jaramillo attended the wedding but declined the cruise. Paul and Erica reside in an Oklahoma City suburb, just bought a house, and are expecting a baby in April, 2007.

Steven Jaramillo graduated from high school in May 2006 and started at the University of Northern Colorado (in Greeley, CO) in the fall, studying physical education.

Paul and Melanie Jaramillo celebrated their 25th anniversary in May, and celebrated with a trip to Mazatlan in July. Their daughter Shalon is expecting to graduate with a BS in Math next winter (December 2007) or next spring (May 2008), with plans for a Master’s degree and teaching high school math.

Donnie Romero reports that his son Noah won first place in the 6-and-under (46 lb.) division and was going to the Colorado state wrestling tournament in January, 2006 in Greeley. Noah was ranked either #1 or #2 seed, depending on Region 2 champions statistics. Sons Alec and Levi both took first place in their groups in the JV tournament. Alec wrestles in the 8 & under, 48 lb division and Levi in the 6 & under 38 lb division. They all have worked their butts off this year and we are so proud of them and their accomplishments!

A note from Tim Valdez:
I guess that the only bit of news from our part of the family is that my brother Ken's son Jason Valdez married Lisa Valdez in October of this year (2005). I think that Jason last attended a reunion when he was about 12 or 13 years old and he is now 30 or 31. Tim conveniently left out that they had a trip to Norway (to see Julie’s exchange student friend), and another trip to Kentucky to see the Humphreys and Nances. And that someone in the family is getting artistic with a photo-montage for a Christmas letter.

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