Maestas Reunion Newsletter
July 12,13,14 & 15, 2007
Los Alamitos, New Mexico

17th Maestas Reunion General Meeting Minutes

The 17th Maestas Family Reunion meeting was held on Saturday, with Barbara Rose and Daryl Brillhart co-chairing.

Old Business

New Business



	Fabiola   127.76  Sam's  non perishable (cereal, condiments, etc.)
	Fabiola   211.55  Costco  paper goods, non perishables 
	Fabiola    36.95  Wal-Mart  plastic table covers, etc. 
	Paul M     40.00  Wal-Mart (batteries---Paul’s fee  credit   It was extra since they were only 3)
	Ta         38.92  Stella and Baby blanket, containers for dinnerware & napkins, Wipes, hand sanitizer, scrubbies
	Fabiola   134.60  water tank , supplies for stand,  youngest's gift 
	Matt      300.00  (4 toilets) plus 25.00 for travel
	Matt      175.00  tent rental 
	Matt      168.00  cake & travel  

	June 20, 2007     Balance                870.88
	July 20, 2007     Credits     1487.23
	                  Debits      1051.96
	                  Service Chg    7.70 (Balance  was below $500 at time of statement)
	                  Balance               1306.15
	Aug. 20, 2007     Credits         .29
	                  Debit        749.45
	                  Balance                556.59

Two checks have not been written to keep the balance above $500.00 so we don’t pay a fee. Ta for $39.92 and Fabiola for $134.60. (Note: The bank will charge $7.70 every month until the next reunion, a total of $184.80 if the balance goes below $500. Better the family keep that money than give it to the bank.)


Found - Red Jacket (size 3XL)
Lost - sugar dispenser (silver top and glass jar)
Lost - Dutch oven without legs
Found - Dutch oven with legs
Lost - 4 containers of Almond Milk , a container of trail mix, a clear plastic rain coat, and a can opener knife
Found - blue umbrella
Found - FROM 2005 REUNION - pressure cooker (missing one handle)

Other Notes

Memorial Book

Did you get to see the book that Adelita put together honoring the family members who passed away since the last family reunion? We will sincerely miss Elias Valdez, Adelina Foster, Sally Maestas, Kathy Baca and Sarah Espinar Mendivil.

Oldest and Youngest at the Reunion

Stella (Maestas) Vasquez was our oldest family member attending the reunion. She is the daughter of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas, granddaughter of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas. Stella received a long cabin lamp. Stellas' great granddaughter Samantha Zepeda was the youngest family member in attendance. Samantha is the daughter of Yvonne (Vasquez) and Luiz Zepeda, daughter of Sam (and Corrine) Vasquez. The gift for the youngest was a family tree book and a blanket.

Family Tree

Wayne Pluchek spent time gathering family tree information. Wayne is the husband of Betty (Baca), daughter of Eloy and Sophie (Zamora) Baca, granddaughter of Ramon and Juanita (Medina de Hurtado) Zamora. Ramon was the brother of Cirilio Maestas and Juanita was the sister of Cresencia Maestas. Wayne shared all the information he has with us. We have a program that can present the family tree data on a web site and the data will be available there when we have the program working. For those of you who consider yourselves knowledgeable about family history and genealogy: There were three brothers married to three sisters in that generation. Do you know who the third couple was? (Answer below.)

Secret Pals

Barbara Rose ( ) is in charge of Secret Pals for the family reunion. Please let Barbara know if you have not received anything or if you want a secret pal. Keep your addresses up to date. Remember this is not supposed to be an expensive endeavor, just a fun way to keep in touch. So send post cards or short notes or ??

Financial - meal considerations

We lost money this year instead of breaking even which is what we aim at so we will need a committee to look over expenses for meals. We cannot afford the cost of brisket, getting it cooked and having enough for family members. In the past we have had donations of meat at cost from family members and that is no longer an option. We also had family members who cooked it for free or family members available to dig a pit for pit cooking. That is also no longer an option. So what else can we do? Send ideas. If you did not pay for the reunion please send Adelita a check made out to MAESTAS FAMILY REUNION FUND. (Her address: 606 S 5th St. Raton, NM 87740.)

Baseball Game

The weather made our annual game different this year. It was not the traditional California against the world game but a mix of anyone wanting to play. The kids had a fantastic game and we should have interesting games in the years to come with the enthusiasm we saw.

Christmas Ornaments

In other years we have made ornaments to exchange. If this is something you might find fun to do let Adelita know and we will organize it for 2009.

The answer from above is: Maria Eugenia (Medina de Hurtado) and Jose de Gracia Maestas.

Thanks to the Humphrey’s, Barbara Rose, Daniel Craig, Lillian Sanchez (food purchase), the Hutson’s (table fund donation and food purchase), Paul Maestas, Bordetts, and Tano and Rose Chavez (food) for extra donations to the Reunion Fund.

Notes from after the reunion

From Betsy Cornwell:

Joe and Opal Maestas have been busy attending graduations this year. (Joe is the son of Roberto Maestas, grandson of Jose de Gracia and Maria Eugenia Maestas).

First, they went to Sacramento to watch their daughter, Mac (Maestas) Daly receive a Bachelors Degree in business from the University of Phoenix in September 2006.

In May 2007, they traveled to Maine to watch another daughter, Betsy (Maestas) Cornwell, receive a Master of Science degree in Special Education from the University of Southern Maine.

They had to hurry back to California to watch their granddaughter, Leah Heher, graduate from Monte Vista High School in June. Leah left in August to start classes at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. She’s the daughter of Judi (Maestas) and Dennis Heher.

Betsy and Mac took a trip to celebrate their degrees in July. They started in Paris, Maine. Then they went to Paris, France for a comparison of the two cities. This was their first trip overseas. They stayed for a week and had a blast in both places, but Paris, France was more exciting.

Betsy says "Hope the reunion went well. I was thinking about all of you. Have a wonderful year."

From Marilyn Maestas:

Andy & Marilyn Maestas are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful granddaughter Peyton Nicole Maestas. Peyton was born August 9, 2007 at 5:45 PM. She weighed 7 lbs. 0 oz. and was 19 in. long. Peyton was born at Fallbrook Hospital in Fallbrook, CA. Proud parents are David and Allison Maestas. Peyton was due August 1st; however, August 1st came and went. Doctors then told Allison they were going to induce labor on Friday, August 3rd; but after checking, a decision was made to wait until August 9th (Peyton just wasn't ready). Then on Wednesday evening, August 8th, doctors induced Allison; she went into labor, finally, on the 9th. Allison was in labor all morning (only dilating to a two) and at 3:34 PM doctors made the decision to take the baby by C-Section. Peyton was being stubborn (taking after her Great-Grandpa Carlos), and at 5:45 PM Peyton Nicole Maestas was born. Allison & Peyton were released from the hospital today, Sunday, August 12th and despite the C-section, Allison & Peyton are doing wonderfully. Peyton is Andy & Marilyn's third grandchild. Papa Andy was so anxious to see his grandgirl, I don't think he would have been able to wait another day for her birth!

From the email grapevine:

Marissa Herrera (daughter of Annette Maestas, grand-daughter of CD and Vangie) had a baby girl, Lilah Jessica Herrera, born on 9/15/2007. I have no information on height, weight, etc. (Heck, it took over a week just to confirm the spelling of the name!)

From the Hills (Pam and Mike, that is):

Thank you for all of the work that you and your family (and everybody else that was involved in setting-up the reunion) put into this year's reunion! Although, it rained for a couple of days during the reunion, it did not seem to put a damper on the fun that the attendees experienced. It was good to see so many of the older (wiser) relatives at the reunion and think that it is important for them to attend (if health and circumstance permits) as this lends credence to the reunion and sends a good message to the younger folks. I did not especially care for the dog(s) that attended the reunion. It would seem that at one of these reunions, some adult or child is going to get bit. However, I know that many like to bring their pets as they are a "member" of the family. I believe this issue was brought up at the family meeting. In the end, I believe that any problems or concerns that exist with, at, during or because of the reunion can and should be considered secondary to the "real" meaning of the reunion: family comes together every two years to enjoy each other's company and the legacy of the reunion is passed down from generation to generation...lest it be forgotten.

Mike & Pam Hill

New Mexico Area Code changes:

When you are calling to New Mexico, you will find there have been changes. The northwestern quarter of the state (sort of) stays as the 505 area code, while the rest of the state becomes area code 575. This is effective October 7, 2007. The map came from the Qwest web site and is not very good for determining what areas were changed and what were not. Go to the family website for a list of dialing prefixes that are changing and a better map. The address is

Other News

Rita Maestas, daughter of Debbie Maestas, grand-daughter of Moises & Florinda Maestas has been ill. We ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Carlos Craig had cataract surgery October 5 on one eye and will have surgery on the other eye shortly.

Barbara Rose had her wisdom teeth pulled. (See, Barb, now your kids are right--THEY know more than you do!)

Eva Duran's daughter Marlene had shoulder surgery in September and Marlene's sister Marie may need to have it done also.

2007 Reunion Attendance

Note: We have received some corrections to the attendance list, but these changes are not yet reflected here. If you see something in this list that needs to be corrected, please don't hesitate to let us know.
  Dick Taylor Christine Taylor Jack Humphrey
  Jessie Humphrey Ignacio Maestas Wilma Hutson
  Bob Hutson Dan Jaramillo Cresencia Jaramillo
  Lorraine Duran Marie Duran Marie Sammy Chavez
  Martha Chavez Dennisa Cordova Sammy Vasquez
  Tom Land Thomas Land Ben (Tom’s nephew)
  Ron Baca Betty Pluchek Wayne Pluchek
  Moises Maestas Susie Maestas Ken Valdez
  Yvonne Vasquez Luis Zepeda, Samantha Vasquez
  Tim Valdez Julie Olson Isabella Valdez
  Julianna Valdez Elena Valdez Daryl Brillhart
  Josh Brillhart Lori Maestas, Christopher Barela
  Tamara Barela Lianne Casados (friend) Shawn Barela
  Larry Maestas Marissa Herrera Connie Chavez
  Ashley Barela Marcus Victor
  Sean Joaquin Manuel-Maestas Lorinda Manuel-Maestas
  Lucia Manuel Maestas Joaquin Manuel Maestas Pablo Maestas
  Mike Esposito Fabiola Esposito Antonio Esposito
  Bianca Esposito Sally Esposito Brian Viduya
  Andy Maestas Marilyn Maestas, RaeAnn Maestas
  Malachi Maestas Victor (Pops) Maestas David Maestas
  Allison Maestas Peyton Maestas Jason Maestas
  Carmen Maestas Mariah Maestas Paul Maestas
  Andrea Maestas Adryanna Maestas Barbara Rose
  Randy Rose Candice Rose Austin Rose
  Matt Maestas Joan Maestas Jonathan Maestas
  Jordan Maestas Ethan (friend) Renee Maestas
  Andres Maestas Antonio Maestas Domingo Maestas
  Harvey Bordett Elizabeth Valdez David Bordett
  Rosalie Bordett Lillian Sanchez Jonathan Carver
  Anthony Kirk Dan Craig Lydia Sckalor
  Jordan Craig Stella Vasquez Paul Jaramillo
  Melanie Jaramillo Steven Jaramillo Annette Maestas
  Kenny Maestas Jacqueline Maestas Mariah Maestas
  Adam Maestas Paul Jaramillo, Jr. Erica Jaramillo
  Abigail Jaramillo Pam Hill Mike Hill
  Debbie Hill Adrieanne Eric Chavarilla
  Rosalie Valdez Jerry Valdez Isac Valdez
  Isaiah Liuzzi (nephew) Michael Valdez Rhonda Valdez
  Alison Valdez Louie Valdez Elsie Valdez
  Robert Valdez Christopher Valdez Daniel Santisteven
  Janele Santistevan (Jerry & Rosalie’s daughter) Catherine Olguin Johnny Trujillo (JR.?)
  Andrea Trujillo Daniel Trujillo (Marie’s son, Cleo’s grandson) Kristy Trujillo
  Andrew Trujillo Elijah Trujillo Lulu Valdez
  Fidel Valdez Mina Valdez Remy Montgomery
  Zack Montgomery Randy J Maestas Laura
  James Maestas Cindy Jeremiah
  Robin Valdez Keith Royal Marissa Herrera
  Jesse Herrera Darrin Herrera Anissa Herrera
  Kaylyn Maestas Filimon Maestas Delma Maestas
  John Saiz Anna Saiz Jamie Ulibarri
  Tano Chavez friend Rosa Chavez friend Marie Trujillo
  Johnny Trujillo Andrea Trujillo Daniel Valdez
  Michael Serna (friend) Melvin Maestas Henrietta (Melvin’s friend
  & her baby Dominic Vasquez Rebecca Vasquez
  Dominic Vasquez Jr. Elizabeth Paiz (friend)  

As this is a family endeavor please help with corrections, additions, etc on the names. If someone is missing, please let us know – if we spelled names wrong, put down wrong last names, or whatever, please let us know. Thank you. Send any corrections to .

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