Maestas Family Reunion


February 2009

The reunion is right around the corner. July 9, 10, 11, 12; Thursday to Sunday at Los Alamitos, New Mexico.

Please RSVP as soon as possible

Family notes.

Daryl’s input.

In June ’08, the Brillhart family met in Chicago, IL to attend and celebrate the graduation of a new doctor in our family, David C. Brillhart, Psy.D. (Familia de Jose)

Dave (Davey as we remember him in his youth) received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Forensic Psychology, and will continue to live and finish his post doctorate work in Rushville, IL. Forensic psychology is the field where the law and psychology meet. Dave’s internship for the last year was at the Illinois Dept of Juvenile Justice, a medium security facility for youth.

In addition to our folks, Floyd and Flo Brillhart, Joshua and I, and our Dad’s sister, Aunt Donna (Gwynne), joined the celebration.

Congrats to the newest Doctor in the family.

Lionor and Predicanda Maestas Family update
by Barbara Rose:

We are proud to announce the arrival of Isaiah Ray Maestas on December 11, 2008 born to Rachel (Bloomquist) and Ernest Maestas. son of our beloved deceased sister Yolanda Maestas and grandson of our beloved deceased parents Lionor and Preddy Maestas. Also sharing in our joy is Bercy Maestas. Isaiah was born in San Diego California.

We are also proud to announce that Rachel and Ernest were married in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, January 18, 2009. Alex Saiz, son of John and Anna witnessed the blessed event.

We were fortunate enough to have a couple of family gatherings during Ernest's leave from Guam as we shared family gatherings with Frank, Dianna, Barbara, Candace, Austin, Amanda, Bryson, Alyssa, John, Anna, John Jr., Amy, and Alex, and of course Ernest, Rachel and Isaiah. This was a special blessing for us because it was a rare occasion for all of John and Anna's children to be together at the same time! During the holidays we also shared time with Jo and Guy, Christopher, Jessica, McKenna and Kage along with the Barstow gang and Ernest, Rachel, and Isaiah. I look forward to sharing pictures with everyone at the reunion.

Barbara Maestas Rose is now the Vice President of the Board of Trustees for the Barstow Unified School District in which she continues to be the voice of the students. In addition, she has now been elected as the President of the California School Employee’s Association for the Barstow Community College.

Candace Rose (daughter of Barbara Rose) has just received news that she has been nominated as an All-American Scholar for the 2008-09 school year. The significance of the nomination is that Candace will be a qualifying candidate who can apply for one of 400 Educational Cash Grants. Candace continues to strive for excellence as her GPA is 4.17. Her goal is to attend UCLA upon graduating from High School in 2010.

On a somber note, we are grieving the loss of our Step Brother, Lee Pacheco. He is the son of our beloved Step Mother Bercy and our Father Lionor.

Input from Larry Maestas:

Kevin Maestas (youngest son of Carlos and Lucille and grandson to Matias and Rose) has accepted a job in Afghanistan. He is scheduled to leave in early February for a one-year assignment. Kevin has been working as a mechanic at the Marine Corp Logistics Base in Barstow. The family would rather he not go but we fully support his decision.

Adrienne Maestas (oldest daughter of Pam Hill (husband Mike) and granddaughter of Carlos and Lucille) visited from New York over Christmas. She is working and going to school in Long Island. She's living with her dad, Mike Carson, and his family; wife Theresa and brother, Thomas, and little sister, Jennifer.

Barstow was greeted with snow in mid-December. The white stuff actually stuck around more than an hour and it allowed the many Maestas kids to get their first feel of snow. (The photo is of Andy and Marilyn's grandkids—-Malachi, left, and Mariah after rolling around in the snow for the first time. They are sitting in front of grandpa and grandma's newly built house just outside of Barstow.)

Input from Rhonda Valdez

From Matias Maestas family in Colorado area.

In 2008, Janele (Jerry and Rosalie Valdez daughter- Cleo Valdez) and Daniel Santistevan had their baby, Daniel Kingston, on June 2, 2008. Robert Valdez (Louie and Elsie Valdez’ son- Cleo Valdez) and Anita had a son, Isaiah Jacob on October 28, 2008. Both babies and their parents are doing well.

Kristen Trujillo (daughter of Kristy (Valdez) and Ernie Trujillo (Richard Valdez daughter- Cleo Valdez) celebrated her 18th birthday with a grand party in September.

Joshua Olguin (Catherine (Valdez) and Anthony Olguin’s son) has recently received his blue belt in Karate. Alison Valdez (daughter of Michael and Rhonda Valdez- Cleo Valdez) was a beautiful flower girl in her cousin’s wedding in Washington D.C. over Christmas Holiday, 2008. Gina Trujillo (daughter of Marie (Valdez) and Robert Trujillo- Cleo Valdez) along with her children is active in the Teen Ministry at church. We all are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear mother and grandmother, your sister-in-law and aunt- Cleo M. Valdez on January 20, 2008. She is extremely missed and has left a great void in many of our lives. She is always remembered with joy and fondness for her unselfish acts and loving spirit.

We also lost Minnie Espinar James, she was the daughter of Demetria Maestas Espinar; granddaughter of Cresencia and Cirilio Maestas. She passed away in December of 2008.

Notes from New Mexico

In November 2008 Quemoso was recognized as being in the top 15 bands in New Mexico (Los quince grandes de Nuevo Mexico. See “Quemoso” at “The New Mexico Latin Music Academy”.) They won for having one of the best songs in New Mexico. Joaquin Maestas-Manuel is a member of this band. Joaquin is the son of the late Christy Maestas and Joe Manuel of Arizona; grandson of Cirilio Maestas and Vangie (Roybal) Maestas. They also won el Hispano Music Association Awards instrumental song of the year, for the song El Vals de la Grama - (The Awards Show) to check this out.

Christine (Maestas) Taylor fell and broke her hip. She is the daughter of the late Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas. Her husband Dick and her daughter Carol St. John have been taking care of her.

Martha (Maestas) and Sam Chavez are looking forward to the graduation of their grandchildren this spring. Their daughter Connie’s son Belarmino Romero and their daughter Samantha’s daughter Beverly Bonney will be finishing school in Mora.

Andrea Maestas, daughter of Paul Maestas, granddaughter of Cirilio Maestas and Vangie (Roybal) Maestas is going to Washington D.C. this spring with her school.

Monica (Martinez) and Rick Maestas were in Las Vegas, Nevada in February. Rick was there for work and lucky enough for Monica to join him. They live in Virginia.

Fidel, Lulu (Maestas) and Mina Valdez went to Hawaii in December. They took a cruise around the islands. They also got to see where Fidel had been stationed.

Major Robert Craig and his family will be moving in June/July to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. They spent spring break in Disneyworld, Florida.

Stella (Maestas) Vasquez is in Albuquerque with her son Sam. Stella had been with Matt and Joan (Markham) Maestas in La Cordillera. Joan went to Ohio to stay with her sister who is not well.

Colorado Note: One of Donnie & Malanie (Maestas) Romero's sons (Donnie is the son of Rosalie & Jerry Valdez (son of Cleo) won third prize wrestling. Donnie and Malanie'’s sons all do well in their respective classes in wrestling.

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