Maestas Family Newsletter

April 19, 2009

From Fabiola -

Hello everyone. I started this in July and did not finish until April, so it only took me approximately 9 months. Here is an update on family functions, activities and happenings, and the original newsletter follows the updates.

We have lost members of the family since the reunion. Connie Maestas (Frank's wife) died January 13, 2010. Jessie Humphrey's husband, Jack, died in Evansville, IN, on November 25, 2009. Jessie is the last surviving member of Seraida Maestas' family. And Mabel Maestas, wife of Fermin Maestas, died August 7, 2009 in Barstow, CA.They will be missed.

On the other hand, we have added members: Sam and Martha (Maestas) Chavez have become great grandparents again. Estevan Agustin Romero, son of Belarmino and Michelle (LeDoux) Romero was born on January 18, 2010. Sophia Emily Montgomery was born April 11, 2010 to Lorren and Maria Montgomery (son of Mina, grandson of Lulu). Jeremiah Ryan Maestas was born April 13, 2010 to Victor Maestas and girlfriend Jerrica Cordova, (son of Andy and Marilyn, grandson of Carlos Maestas, great-grandson of Matias Maestas) Janele and Daniel Santisteven (daughter of Jerry & Rosalie Valdez, grand-daughter of Cleo Valdez) are the proud parents of Chloe Michelle Santisteven, born April 26, 2010. Janele also is starting her own floral business. Good luck, starting a business with a new baby on hand. That's being brave! And Amanda Zamora (daughter of Barbara Rose, granddaughter of Lionor Maestas, great-granddaughter of Matias) is expecting a baby-we don't know when.

And we will have another addition to the family. Larry Maestas is getting married in May!!! His future wife is Linda Marie Hoppens. The wedding will be Saturday, May 22, 2010, at 4:00 pm at the First Baptist Church in Barstow.

In August Paul Maestas and daughters Andrea & Adrianna went to Branson, Missouri. They joined Carlos & Adelita (Maestas) Craig and their grandchildren, Jordan, Rashaan, & Derian.

The Ernest Maestas family hosted Thanksgiving dinner at their home in San Diego, California. Ernest's aunts and uncles, Anna & John Saiz, Barbara Rose and Frank Maestas joined them, with Barbara's children and cousin Daryl Brillhart.

In October Lulu (Maestas) & Fidel Valdez attended the confirmation of their grandchildren David and Rosalie Bordett in Connecticut. Aunts Adelita (Maestas) Craig and Fabiola (Maestas) Esposito joined them as did cousin Bianca Esposito.

Matias Maestas has been undergoing tests as he has not been well. Keep him in your thoughts.

In January someone enjoyed the New Year so much that they went visiting. Ignacio and Adela Maestas' family home was broken into and the reunion lanterns were stolen. They did not take much of anything else from the home or the garage.

Jeff & Diane Maestas' oldest daughter Krystal is graduating on June 24 (the celebration will be on June 26), and their youngest daughter, Laura, has just started Kindergarten. Jeff and Diane's son David (5th-grade) was selected for the San Bernardino County Elementary Honor Band, and daughter Ashley (10th grade) was selected for the San Bernardino County High School Honor Band. She will also be going to Washington, DC with the Barstow High School Band to perform at the World War II Memorial and march in the Memorial Day parade along Constitution Avenue. Jeff will be going along as a chaperone.

There should be a flood of others who are graduating this spring, but we have only heard of a few other graduates, so far. Ashlyn Brittany Chavez (daughter of Earl & Sophie Chavez, grand-daughter of Sam and Martha (Maestas) Chavez) will be graduating May 28 from Mora High School, and Pablito Maestas (son of Herbert Maestas, grandson of CD Maestas) is graduating from Humboldt State University in California, with a BS (that's Bachelor of Science, not the other stuff) degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology. Marissa Maestas (daughter of Kenny, granddaughter of Carlos, great-granddaughter of Matias) will be graduating, along with Candace Rose (daughter of Barbara (Maestas) Rose, granddaughter of Lionor, great-granddaughter of Matias). Barbara has informed us that Candace was accepted by 5 universities, and has decided to attend CalState/San Bernardino, working toward her goal of being an Orthodontist. She is ranked 26th in her senior class of 345 and was crowned Homecoming Queen this year. We haven't been informed what high school(s) the girls attend but we're assuming that it is a Barstow high school.

We have also been informed that Ryan Maestas (son of David, grandson of David & Sally Maestas, great-grandson of Matias) has bought his first home. No address was provided, so we don't yet have free room & board for that trip to Las Vegas.

Dianne Maestas (daughter of Lionor, granddaughter of Matias) has received her Bachelor of Arts from CalState/San Bernardino. Dianne's niece Amanda (Barbara's daughter) is expecting a baby boy in July. Barbara proudly says this will be her third grand-child. Rachel Maestas, Ernest's wife (Ernest is the son of Yolanda, grandson of Lionor, great-grandson of Matias) will be going to sea for a 6-month Navy cruise. Ernest will be Mr. Mom for all that time. Please keep Rachel in your prayers, along with all the other family members serving in the military (and all military members, of course).

Congratulations to all of the graduates this year. It's been a lot of hard work and will pay off!

Now here is the original newsletter.

WOW! 185 people were at the family reunion. There were quite a few people who came in on Thursday and stayed the entire week end. This has not happened in a number of years and it was fun on Friday morning to have a large group.

The oldest person attending the reunion was Stella Vasquez.

We had a Maestas Family Trivia Quiz. Next newsletter will have the questions and answers.

We did not rent a canopy this year. We now have two more new 10 x 20 foot canopies as well as the one that the Esposito's brought in 2007. They were very handy to put up and take down.

There are so many family members who went the extra mile in making this reunion work. Thank you to those who came early to work. The road crew and the wood crew were spectacular. We don't have the specific names of those who worked on the road and wood crews but they know who they are and their efforts were very much appreciated. We especially want to thank: Matt and Joan Maestas and Ta and Carlos Craig for all the extras they have done over the years and continue to do. Thanks to Donnie and Malany Romero for the use of their frying pan on Friday morning, the oil to get started and the flour for the gravy!! Thanks to Lulu and Fidel Valdez for the crate of cast iron skillets and dutch ovens, Mike Esposito for his making and donating tables, Paul Maestas for his donation of one of the canopies, and Tom Land for picking up a canopy right before the reunion.

This year Lori (Maestas) Barela set up the Russell's account and Daryl, Paul and Antonio did the runs to pick up items at the store. Yeah for the team effort. Barbara was our OFFICIAL FOOD QUALITY INSPECTOR (according to her). Rhonda Valdez got a good game of volley ball going for the younger kids and Joan did her hike and talk. The baseball game was fun as usual, especially the younger generation's game

Jessie and Jack Humphrey were not able to attend the reunion due to health issues but they sent a $1,000.00 donation to buy something permanent in the names of Jessie's siblings. A brainstorming session produced a list of possible items and Adelita will share them with Jessie and let her pick what is to be bought.

The following idea was proposed as a method to ensure we have enough but not too much of the following items. Using this list, we are asking families to bring the following items based on the first letter of their last name:

A Tortillas, pastries N Tortillas
B Hamburger buns O Hot dog buns
C Tortillas, milk P Hot dog buns
D Hot dog buns Q Hot dog buns, cookies
E Tortillas, cookies, water R Hot dog buns, milk
F Hamburger buns S Tortillas
G Tortillas T Tortillas
H Hot dog buns U Sliced bread
I Tortillas V Sliced bread, graham crackers, water
J Tortillas W Sliced bread
K Tortillas X Sliced bread
L Tortillas Y Sliced bread
M Tortillas, cookies, water Z Sliced bread

We will try this in 2011.

The dates of the next reunion are July 7-10, 2011.
Start making your plans now.

Our schedule will continue to be as follows unless someone has ideas and would like to add or take on a special project.

Morning Set up kitchen, canopies, tables, map, & bulletin board
Afternoon and Evening Arrival of families
6 - 7 pm Supper & Cleanup
7 - 9 am Breakfast & Cleanup
9:30 - 11:30 am Stations: birthday calendar, address update, secret pals
Adults: Genealogy
Kids: Nature Hike
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Lunch & Cleanup
Afternoon Adults/kids Games & Maestas trivia quiz
6 - 7 pm Dinner & Cleanup
7 - 9 am Breakfast & Cleanup
10 am Stations: Birthday calendar, address updates, secret pals
Genealogy work sheet for the kids
10:30 am Start Pictures (list for pictures posted)
11 am Baseball game
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Lunch & Cleanup
1 pm Reunion Meeting
2 pm Baseball game
3 pm Christmas gift exchange, Maestas trivia quiz
6 - 7 pm Supper & Cleanup
7:30 pm secret pal identification and selection for next two years
Campfire - S'mores, marshmallow toast
7 - 9 am Breakfast & Cleanup
Clean up area
10 am Evaluation of reunion - what worked - what might be changed
Pack up kitchen - take inventory
Noon - 1 pm leave - take items to be stored down to the valley

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