Maestas Family Reunion Newsletter

November, 2010


Thursday to Sunday, July 7, 8, 9, & 10. This is the second weekend of the month.
Have you started planning to come to the reunion next year in July? If you start now you will have the time and money!

Forget the dogs, throw a quilt on the bed

We will be making a family quilt this year, so you need to plan your square and bring it to the reunion (or send it to Adelita if you can’t get to the reunion). The completed quilt will then be raffled off. We will use the same colors from the last quilt.

Extracted from the February, 1997 newsletter (available on the family web site at

We will be making a reunion quilt this year. Here is the information you need to get your square ready:

Eight inch (8”) squares are to be used. Leave a one inch (1”) border around the square for the purpose of attaching squares together. Use a cotton blend such as 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Families are to be defined as independent groups, not individual children. Therefore, if your child still lives at home and has no children then he/she is part of your original family and not eligible for a separate square.

Family colors are as follows:

Abenicio light yellow
Demetria light green
Ignacio light blue
Jose lavender
Martha and all other family members mustard yellow
Matias pink
Moises beige
Seraida peach

The design pattern:

  The first family quilt:

We have purchased two sturdy, folding, permanent picnic tables (w/ benches) for the reunion. This is a (plastic/resin/whatever) table-top with benches of the same material, on a steel frame that lets the frame unfold, then the table-top is raised up some more by extending the legs underneath the table-top and locking the whole thing in place. Thanks to Jessie and Jack Humphrey for making these purchases possible.

As promised, I found some diagrams of the tables (these are actually diagrams from the assembly instructions), as they look set up and folded down. When folded, the tables can be stored hanging on a wall, as the diagram suggests.



The new rates for this reunion will be as follows:

Family of 6 or more $75
Family of 5 or fewer $60
Couple w/ 1 child over 6 yrs $60
Couple w/ 1 child less than 6 yrs $42
Couple w/o children $35
Single (no spouse/friend) $25
Single parent with 1 child will be considered as a couple w/o children $35

The higher cost of food has made us raise the rates.

Please RSVP to Adelita Craig either by or snail mail:
606 S 5th St.
Raton, NM 87740

MENU 2011

Thursday evening SUPPER Valley residents
Friday and Saturday BREAKFAST eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, tortilla, cereal, fruit, OJ, milk
Friday and Saturday LUNCH cold cuts, potato salad, fruit salad
Friday SUPPER hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips
Saturday SUPPER fajitas, beans, Spanish rice, fruit salad
Sunday BREAKFAST rolls, muffins, yogurt, bagels cream cheese

The idea of having a family sign up for cooking and cleaning for one meal has worked well in the past. We will continue that practice, with one exception: should the teen-agers in the family volunteer to do the cleanup for any meal, I’m sure no-one will object.

Trivia questions and answers

See the version of this newsletter on the Family website for the family trivia quiz answers for 2009. We will also have hard copies of this at the reunion. We will also have the collected family stories available for all to read.

We plan to have similar activities that help in learning about our family and help people to interact with family members they might not mingle with otherwise. Please send ideas on interactive family activities that help us all learn more about our family.


We have had a few deaths since July 2009.



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