Due to the EXTREME FIRE DANGER, the Reunion site has been moved to Crescencio Branch's property in La Cordillera, directly across the highway from Matt and Joan Maestas' home and just two entrances up from Ignacio and Adela's. If you are coming from Mora, you will see Kristy's Motel, with a stone wall along its front. The entrance is immediately after the end of the stone wall (i.e, towards Cleveland and Holman). The entrance past that is for Pendleton's Gas Company and if you get to there, you've gone too far. There will be signs posted at the entrance. If you have problems, call Daryl at 562/754/8689 or Fabiola at 303/919/9804. Cell coverage can be spotty in the valley so you might have to move around some in order to get a signal. You can also use those numbers to send a text message if you have a problem.

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Please pass this information on to others you know who will be going to the reunion. If someone gets missed, there will be signs posted on the highway at Los Alamitos and at the new site.


Maestas Family Reunion Newsletter

June 8, 2011

The 2011 Reunion is almost here!

We are almost there!! The reunion is just 4 weeks away. July 7th -10th is just around the corner. The reunion officially starts on Thursday, July 7th for supper and ends after breakfast on Sunday, July 10th.

We need people to let Adelita know that they are coming. Please send your notice to her so we have an idea of how much food/supplies we need to purchase. You can let her know by
or snail mail:

606 S 5th St.
Raton, NM 87740

Please pre-pay, if at all possible. The new rates for this reunion will be as follows:

Family of 6 or more- $75
Family of 5 or fewer - $60
Couple with 1 child over 6 years - $60
Couple with 1 child less than 6 years- $42
Couple without children - $35
Single (no spouse/friend) - $25
Single parent with 1 child will be considered as a couple without children - $35
The higher cost of food has made us raise the rates.

We plan to have activities that help in learning about our family and help people to interact with family members they might not intermingle with otherwise. Please send ideas on interactive family activities/games/etc. that help us all learn more about our family. Send them to Fabiola at

Our plan for all other activities is similar to what we have done in the past. If there is something you would like to recommend that is different please let know. Please consider bringing items to donate for prizes for games.

Donít forget the Christmas presents for the kids. There needs to be one gift for each child you bring. Nothing too expensive.

Make sure you bring your square for the quilt. The design needs to be drawn on a 10" x 10" square of material. Leave a one inch (1Ē) border around all sides of the square for the purpose of attaching squares together. Use a cotton blend such as 60% cotton and 40% polyester. See the November 2010 newsletter for the colors of each family and complete details.

Paul Maestas, Dan Craig, & Antonio Esposito went through Reunion items to make sure nothing other than the lanterns were stolen when someone broke into Ignacio & Adelaís home. It appears that the lanterns were all that are missing. They discussed shelving to put in the kitchen tent. Paul and Antonio also went up to Los Alamitos to check on the road and property. The road needs a little work. The cabin needs to be taken down.

We are taking volunteers for the following tasks:

If you are interested in any of these tasks, please notify Daryl at the address above.

Donít forget your secret primo. Send one last note before you reveal yourself.

The following idea was proposed as a method to ensure we have enough but not too much of the following items. Using this list, we are asking families to bring the following items based on the first letter of their last name:

A Tortillas, pastries N Tortillas
B Hamburger buns O Hot dog buns
C Tortillas, milk P Hot dog buns
D Hot dog buns Q Hot dog buns, cookies
E Tortillas, cookies, water R Hot dog buns, milk
F Hamburger buns S Tortillas
G Tortillas T Tortillas
H Hot dog buns U Sliced bread
I Tortillas V Sliced bread, graham crackers, water
J Tortillas W Sliced bread
K Tortillas X Sliced bread
L Tortillas Y Sliced bread
M Tortillas, cookies, water Z Sliced bread

Family News

Jason Maestas is currently stationed in Afghanistan. He is the son of Andy and Marlyn (Yslas) Maestas, grandson of Carlos and Lucille (Olivas) Maestas, great grandson of Matias and Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas, great great-grandson of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas.

Stella (Maestas) Vasquez broke her leg and after 4 weeks was given the OK by the doctors to start walking. Stella is the daughter of Jose and Clodovea (Hurtado) Maestas, granddaughter of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas.

Dan Jaramillo had knee replacement surgery and is doing very well. He will have his other knee done after the reunion in July. Dan is married to Cresencia (Maestas) Jaramillo, who is the daughter of Moises and Florinda (Trujillo) Maestas, granddaughter of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas.

Fabiola (Maestas) Esposito broke the top of her tibia the end of April. She is hoping to be totally off crutches by the 15th of June. Fabiola is the daughter of Ignacio and Adela (Branch) Maestas, granddaughter of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas.

Matt and Joan Maestas held a graduation party for their grandsons Jordan and Jonathan Maestas. Family members attending were Lori Maestas and her family; Joaquin and Lorinda Manual and their family; Paul, his daughters, and nephew Domingo Maestas; Ramon and Addie Maestas; Dan, Jordan, and Adelita Craig; Fabiola and Antonio Esposito; and many more family and friends. Jordan and Jonathan are the sons of Renee Maestas, grandsons of Matt and Joan (Markham) Maestas, great-grandsons of Matias and Sesarita (Cruz) Maestas, great great-grandsons of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas

Cameron Lionor Maestas was born May 29, 2011 at 8:25 PM (PST). His stats were 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches. Cameron is the son of Ernest and Rachel Maestas, grandson of Yolanda Maestas, great-grandson of Lionor and Predicanda (Fernandez) Maestas, great-great-grandson Matias and Rosarito (Atencio) Maestas, great-great-great-grandson of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas

Robert Craig will be deployed to Afghanistan at the end of June, 2011 for 6 months. He will be working in the field, going out with other units and gathering data, which he will then collate and send it all back home. Robert is the son of Carlos and Adelita (Maestas) Craig, grandson of Ignacio and Adela (Branch) Maestas, great-grandson of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas.

Michael and Rhonda Valdez will not be attending the reunion this year. Rhondaís mother will be celebrating her 80th birthday this year and the celebration coincides with the reunion. Michael is the son of Cleo (Maestas) Valdez, grandson of Matias and Sesarita (Cruz) Maestas, great-grandson of Cirilio and Cresencia (Medina) Maestas

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