Note: This newsletter has been sent out to those who provided their e-mail address. That is only a small number compared to the total number of family members. If you know of family members who WANT to know what is going on but are not receiving the newsletter directly, please inform them that there is a new edition and where to find it on the website, and urge them to send their e-mail address to the Webmaster.

We are just a few months away from the 20th Maestas Reunion. Due to the drought it does not appear at this point that we can go to Los Alamitos and we may need to be down in the valley again.

Itís time to let Adelita know if you are coming to the reunion. July is just around the corner and we are going to need to purchase supplies before the reunion. So write to Ta by snail mail and send your check to the following address. Your check should be made out to Maestas Family Reunion.

606 S. 5th Street
Raton, New Mexico 87740

Please let Adelita know by e-mail how many people will be attending, but youíll have to use snail mail to send a check for the fees. If you use e-mail, please put "Maestas Family Reunion" in the Subject line. IF you (or any family members) will arrive early and are willing to help with preparations, please pass this information on to Ta, Daryl, or Fabiola.

Cost Information:

The payment classes and prices are:

Info of note:

The last two years have gone by very fast. I never got a newsletter out. I apologize and will get at least another one put out before the reunion.

We have lost a number of family members and have had a few additions. We will be having a memorial for those who died. We will celebrate all the new births. We will enjoy all of us who can get together.


Here are a couple of Maestas Reunion stories.

Please send me (Fabiola) your favorite Maestas Reunion story.

Family Info:

Please bring pictures of your family and any information about births, deaths, graduations, marriages, etc., along with any events that have occurred during the past 2 years. Wayne and Mike will be working on the family tree and all updates will be welcome. Dates of any kind of event are desireable, as well as other genealogical information such as birth size and weight, parents of a new spouse, stories of how a couple met. and so-on. You could even bring pictures and documents that can be scanned, such as birth/death/marriage certificates.

Tonio Esposito's dog Bergen has been laid up due to a back injury and surgery. He's recuperating now, starting to walk, but still weak. He's improving his mind while he rests. Note the title of the book.

More to come before the Reunion.....