Hello Maestas Family

We are one month out from our 20th Family Reunion.

Please contact Adelita and let her know who is coming. We need to know how much food to order.

If you aren't already aware, the Family bank account requires that we maintain a minimum balance or we will be charged a service fee. Due to the way the bank works, if a service fee is imposed, it could happen that we are charged that fee every month for the next 2 years. At $10/month, that would be $240 that we could certainly put to better use than paying a bank. For this reason, we really need to have a good estimate of how many people will be attending and, more importantly, sending your fees to Adelita ahead of time to bolster the account balance would help to keep us out of the dreaded service fee zone. So please, please, please, send a check to Adelita for your fees and let her know how many in your family will be attending.

We will be in the valley again this year as the drought is still bad. We will be in La Cordillera, the same place where we held the reunion 2 years ago. Look for the signs. Check the website and/or old newsletters for further directions.

Anyone who will be in the Mora area during the days preceding the reunion, please consider helping to prepare the site. Two years ago, it took 15 people working across 3 days to clean the area of cow pies, etc. We know there won't be quite so much work required this year (no cows have been pastured there, only horses, and Fabiola has seen the site and reports that it is much better than it was 2 years ago) but every little bit will help. We still need pre-Reunion workers—there will also be other work necessary, such as hauling equipment and supplies to the site and doing the set-up work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tables and folding chairs we have borrowed for past reunions are no longer available to us. We do have some folding tables but certainly not enough and we definitely do not have the number of chairs we will need. All those who have tables and chairs are asked to bring them along. Remember to mark these items with your name.

We are not asking people to bring water or bread/tortillas this year. (We had left- overs the last few years). Do bring about 1 dozen cookies to share.

Costs for the reunion are:

Please send Adelita pictures if you are not able to attend. She puts together an album with letters and pictures for family members to review. If you are attending, please bring pictures to share and we will set a time for sharing.

Please come prepared to play games (thank you Adrienne and Marissa), have fun (thank you planning committee) as well as mix and mingle. I will have "get to know more family members" games (possibly with prizes). We will also be celebrating a BUNCH of graduations.

Saturday the 13th there will be a memorial for Kenny Maestas in Holman at 10 am, near Matias Sr.'s barn. We will have a remembrance of family members who died in the last 2 years, probably at supper on Saturday, but that is still up in the air.

REMEMBER to send something to your Secret Pal. Names will be revealed and new ones chosen after supper on Saturday evening (according to the current schedule).


If you would like to order the Special Edition 20th Reunion T-shirt, call Connie Chavez at (e-mail the Webmaster for phone number or contact her on Facebook). The price is $20 per shirt and you will pay Connie directly. Arrange payment and size(s) with her when you order. Note: the phone number is NOT shown here to protect Connie's privacy.

Be sure to check the home page of this site for the latest news and updates.

Looking forward to seeing you there!