Maestas Family Reunion

For the last Reunion, there were several people who needed directions to the reunion site and we didn't have anything but written directions that were open to some interpretation. Well, this year we have something better than those written directions. The five pictures below are actually satellite imagery and were generated using Google Earth. They show the location of the Reunion site relative to Holman and Tres Ritos (Google doesn't seem to know proper Spanish naming conventions—they've labelled the town "Tres Rito"), and then show smaller (or is it greater) views of the roads leading to the site. Unfortunately, the view can't get very close—the picture showing the actual campsite starts getting pretty blurry if you try to zoom in too closely. That view is shown as it would look from about 500 feet above ground and it's hard to tell much in the way of actual features. You can make out the big cottonwood tree that is near where home plate sits, and you can also make out the copse of trees near where we usually put the dining area.

The yellow "circle" is the area where pets MUST be kept leashed and under control. This does NOT mean that the other end of the leash can be tied to a chair or held by a child. The person holding the leash has to be able to take responsibility for the pet's behavior.

Click on any thumbnail picture to expand the picture in a new window. Due to the size of the expanded pictures, you have to scroll down in this new window to see the caption and the button that closes the new window.

  This view shows the entire area from Tres Ritos on the north (near top left) to Holman on the southwest (near bottom right) and Chacon on the southeast (near top right). The campsite is near the bottom center of the picture. This shows too little detail for the turn-off from NM 518 to be seen.
To get this much area into the picture, you would have to be about 56,100 feet above the ground (which is already above 9600 feet altitude), or more than 10 and a half miles above ground! That makes the camera position about 65,800 feet or almost 12 1/2 miles up.
  This view shows the area of the turn-off from NM 518 and the road down to Holman. There's still not enough detail here to actually see the turn-off and the forest road that leads to the campsite. The altitude here is about 8600 feet above sea level and the view is taken from about 33,300 feet above ground.
  Now you can see all of the forest road from the NM 518 turn-off all the way to the campsite—except the label got moved right on top of the road and it's hiding the 90-degree turn to the right (as you're coming in from the highway)! Look very closely at the area around the label and you can just make out where that turn is. Don't go straight through the gate there—you'll see all the people off to the right (to the north-west) The road is still there regardless of the label and you'll easily see the camp site when you get that far. The altitude here is about 9300 feet and the picture is from about 7700 feet above ground.
  This shows the area of the turn-off and the beginning of the road in more detail. You can see the old abandoned bar and you can see the bridge across the stream, if you know where to look. In this view, the ground is at about 9300 feet elevation and the view is taken from about 3600 above ground, or about 12,900 feet altitude.
  Here is the campsite. The yellow "circle" (so I can't draw—big deal) shows where pets must be leashed. Just left of lower center is the tree near which we usually have home plate for the softball game.
This image gets pretty blurry since it's only taken from the perspective of about 500 feet above ground. That much expansion is hard to do unless you've got better optical equipment than I have—military photos would be sharp and clear even closer to the ground—they can view down to a 36-inch object clearly, I'm told.

Note: These images were generated using Google Earth. As such, their use is governed by the license granted to users of Google Earth, which can be found at; further, any use of the above images by a third party is also governed by this license.

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